Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy 2010!

Just two hours ago, while I was making milk for my kids before bedtime, I heard QQ excitedly exclaimed:

"Wow! Two moons! Come and look, two moons!"

All of us gathered around her and stared in awe.
This was what we saw. Tonight's moon was very full and round; creating a replicate (it's reflection) on our bedroom's glass window pane. It was a very unusual and beautiful sight, really a sight to behold and treasure (although the photo did not do justice to it) :-).

What a beautiful way to end 2009 and to usher 2010. I hope 2010 is as bright, beautiful and spectacular as the moons we saw tonight.

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful 2010 ahead :-)
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


At the point of writing, Sis and family are already back home at the Lion City, celebrated Sis’ birthday and Christmas, now waiting for New Year. Hmmm… I am so late in posting…

When the kids get together, they bring the house down with their laughter, squels of delight, and lots of shouting! HQ and QQ simply adore their cousin Gabriel, and have been looking forward to meet him ever since we told them Gabriel is coming. And of course we had the opportunity to meet and cuddle little Raphael! At 4 months old, he has a laud voice too, that cutie pie :-)

The kids watching Walking with Dinosaurs… don’t know what’s so funny about that documentary, but the kids were laughing like hyenas :-D

And as usual, Sis brought the kids beautiful gifts.
for HQ: Aussino robots bedsheet
A long sleeves tee
Peter Pan book
Another interesting book with funny phrases :-)
I think the Peter Pan book is a thoughtful gift as HQ is really into Peter Pan at the moment. for QQ:
Little Mermaid story book and CD
A very sweet Osh Kosh top
A striped dress
I love the striped dress cutting, I think I’m going to duplicate a handmade one for QQ… hee hee Love the Osh Kosh collar details; although the top is at size 4, QQ at 2 could fill it up alright :-) And a huge bottle of calcium softgel pills for me… Thanks, Sis for all the lovely gifts!

We put together some Christmas presents for Gabriel and Raphael:
Appliquéd alphabet tees – “g” for Gabriel and “r” for Raphael
Appliquéd elephant onesie for Raphael
Appliquéd trucks set for Raphael – bought, not handmade, but I hope to be making a similar one :-)
A hardcover "bible stories for kids" for Gabriel, and a Pooh Bear baby cot activity centre for Raphael, all wrapped up.Close-up of the alphabet appliqués.
I bought the same t-shirts for HQ and QQ, but didn’t have the time to appliqué theirs yet.

A simple birthday gift for Sis, who is a Christmas eve baby:
A Singapore Cookbook, so that she can whip up decent Singapore meals for me… haha
And a handmade apron Here I am trying it on to see its fit. Makes me want to make one for myself now… *wishful*

See my other handmade projects.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Curious kids need to be tough inside

Curious kids need to be tough inside.

I couldn’t agree more.

Often, I come home from work hearing horror stories about how my four year old had caught a moth, a dragonfly or any other equally creepy crawlies and house them into plastic bottles. As I pleaded to him to let them go, he pleaded to keep them as pets, so he can see them grow. Once, he swapped an unsuspecting lizard from the wall within his reach with a rotan (Malay: cane) and promptly caught it with his bare hands, just to feel its cold squishy body. What worries me as well is I can see that his little 2 year old sister is closely following suit! Just the other day she squeezed a raw egg broken because she thought she could find a fluffy chick inside!

Kids are naturally curious... it's a process of learning. However, the thoughts of my kids exposing themselves to multitude of bacteria deeply concerned me. Are my kids tough enough inside to fight those nasty bacteria?

Fortunately, there is Friso® Gold to count on. Backed with Frisoshield ™ with P2 Dual System, Friso® Gold has a combination of key nutrients together with prebiotics and healthy live bacteria. Prebiotics helps kids to instill and maintain strong tummies, in turn reducing diarrhea cases. Healthy live bacteria (probiotics) are good bacteria that helps fight bad bacteria and help strengthen immune system. Also with DHA, AA, SA and other essential nutrients, Friso® Gold is a fundamental aid to growing children overall development.Curious kids need to be tough inside. With Friso Gold, I can allow my kids observe, experiment, and experience freely, quenching their curiosity with new discoveries. Friso® Gold helps me, as a mum, happy and rest assured that I have provided the best for my kids.This blog post is my entry for Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out. Head on to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out contest page to check out the exciting contest and event, and learn how you can win a family trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong, Toys 'R' Us vouchers, and cash prizes!

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crocs shoes at summit usj

Remember the Crocs shoes bought for my kiddos' Christmas presents in my previous post?Here's the location... at Summit USJ, near the escalator. You can see part of Mr. Teppanyaki signboard on the left, and Shabu-Shabu at the far end. If I'm not wrong, it's located outside Giant supermarket. Look out for the many banners hanging around to guide you to the location (the corner left banner is enlarged from the original one hanging on the ceiling).That's me in a yellow top and black bag, digging among the many pairs of Crocs to find the right sizes :-). You can see part of McDonald's sign at the far right.
The price card - 1 pair for RM 39.90 and 3 pairs for RM 100.00.I was deciding between getting a pair of Cinderella Crocs (Mary-Janes) or Dora Crocs... in the end I chose a pair of Cinderella Crocs and a pair of pink Mnnie Mouse Crocs for QQ, as well as a pair of Prusian blue Mickey Mouse crocs for HQ.

I would say, they're very worth the price! :-)

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christmas 2009

We do not celebrate Christmas religiously, but every year, we put up the tree, shop for pressies, sing along and dance to Christmas songs. Just for fun, our celebration is more for the kids rather than anything else :-).

Christmas 2005

HQ's first Christmas at 7 months old. Christmas 2007
QQ's first Christmas at 5 months old.
Notice any kitchen ware doubling as tree ornaments? <- initiated by HQ, not me! ;-) Christmas 2009
Christmas seems to get more and more fun, now that both kids are totally aware about getting presents. For the past week, we wake up every morning to HQ's announcements of " __ more days to Christmas!" Kids boasting to each other about how many presents they are getting. HQ warning QQ about not getting any presents for Christmas when she misbehaved.
Our loot this year.
HQ's Power Rangers and QQ's shoes are missing from the picture, as the kids love these so much that they do not want to let go *roll eyeballs*
And I just realised that we picked up a lot of toys but totally forgot to choose some good books for the kids *speepish*
QQ totally loves the battery operated mini organ. And of course her purple Cinderella Crocs shoes. I picked these up by chance when hubby and I were at The Summit. According to the promoter at a stall near the escalator (don't remember which floor), Crocs Malaysia is closing down, therefore they were clearing stock at RM 100 for 3 pairs.
Updated: About the closing down, I'm really not sure how true this piece of news is... and the shoes? They're comfy, cheap & nice, so just grab :-). Simple hand puppets can bring so much excitement to my kiddos :-).How was your Christmas? :-)

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas

Now is the stage where posing for photos means:
- HQ bears a variety of monkey faces, with hand gestures and sound effects - he’s wearing a surprised look there;
- and QQ smiles with her rainbow-curved eyes, looking elsewhere other than the camera, and being a busybody with her surroundings. Plus her helmet hair... but that’s not her doing.

Though they get funny stares and giggles from strangers now and then, I still think they’re stinking cute :-) (Mama in love ma... apa mau buat? Hee hee)

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :-)

And for those of you, who are traveling during this holiday season, do travel safely and enjoy your holidays!

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happy birthday, sis

happy birthday, sis.

i remember the days when we took the neighborhood school bus together to school; i think i was ten and you twelve. there's once i vomited on FS' skirt in the bus, you brought me to the school’s wash basin to clean up... i thought i was lucky to have you then, but now that i think about it, was it embarrassing for you? :-) and when i stood too near a motorcycle exhaust pipe and burnt my calf, i took the school bus home bravely but the dam gates broke lose the moment you came and open the door for me. and i do remember my very first pair of black velvet high heels was bought with your first paycheck :-)

The thoughts and dreams that you shared during our childhoods... you seemed to be the only one talking and me listening, cause well, you were more of a talker and me a listener back then :-). you love my art pieces and me your essays.

and when you left for singapore to further your studies, i saw then you were a great sis, only that i haven’t admitted it yet. you had taken care of me while in school; your maturity beyond your tender age. now that we’re both married and with kids, i admire you for your dedication, your love for your boys and well, your ability to carry yourself so well.

happy birthday, sis... take care and continue being the great mum that you are.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"we have to give you a naughty star!"

Sometime ago, we started this program whereby any help contributed by the family members were rewarded with stars.

We usually do this after lunch on weekends. All of us would sit around, taking turns to point out what we have contributed in the morning. Not that we give the kids any form of reward, but just as a way to acknowledge their help, to show our appreciation and to let them know that their help really matters.

This chart is our very first chart on 26 September 2009 :-).
HQ often would name the chores all of us have done, and thus getting stars for us. The kids had fun stamping on the stars too. And of course, HQ had the most stars – for helping to hang out the clothes, pick up toys, wash the cars, wash the dishes, help to cook, look after meimei, bring meimei to pee, eat breakfast quickly... he named every little thing :-).

When it was meimei’s turn, HQ helped to name the chores too. When we were stuck halfway, QQ chirped in:

QQ : I she she on the floor! *big grin* (she she : pee)

LOL. While we were laughing, HQ responded:

HQ : She she on the floor is not helping! So… we have to give you a naughty star!

So that’s how the lonely star in the “naughty section” came about. Nevertheless, QQ is still happy to have an extra star at her name :-).

PS: QQ does not wear any nappy during daytime at home; she wears them only after she falls asleep at night and when we go out. Pee accident still happened occasionally when we started our first chart on 26 September 2009. Right now, she goes to the potty automatically while announcing that she needs to pee, as she needs our help to position her buttock exactly on the potty/ adult toilet seat with toddler trainer seat on.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

yummy fabrics giveaway

That's 5m of yummy fabrics. Hop to Sew Retro Chic to try your luck :-)

when the kids help...

How have we been running the household without a home helper? Truth be told, our home is not spanking clean, but clean enough and we’re managing alright. Hubby is a blessing… so understanding and so very helpful. The kids are angels too, always wanting to help where they can…

In popo’s house, HQ helps to dry plates, bowls and cutleries before putting them away. When he was younger, when he pestered us to let him help, I suspect his main intention of helping is to have a chance to play with water. But now, we can see that he’s getting productive – cleaning vegetables, washing rice, drying dishes and even washing dishes. Nearly every morning, the kids help to hang the clothes out to dry. HQ can manage pants, handkerchiefs and other small item clothing alright. QQ? She hands out clothe pegs :-). The kids help to bring in the dry clothes too. HQ folds them… all his and his meimei’s clothes, and also towels. The kids love doing this... I think it's fun for them :-) Papa shampoos the cars while HQ rinses off the suds. QQ? She “advises” HQ on where to point the hose :-). And “supervises” on the quality of HQ’s work… hmmm… is there any more bubbles? And getting her face wet while HQ laughs at her :-) Okla… there’s one thing that QQ is really good at… picking up her toys :-)

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Monday, December 21, 2009

weekends at ioi mall

We went ioi mall during one of the weekends (8 Nov 2009). What did we do there?

Trips around the merry-go-round.
HQ loved the reindeer and luckily we were able to get an adjacent horse for QQ.
Pardon the tongue thingy… you see, he does that when he’s extremely pleased, so ummm... I actually have loads of tongue wagging photos in my hard disk :-) QQ was extremely pleased too; laughing and squealing throughout the rides. Next, we got our groceries from Jusco supermarket and loaded them into the car. We dropped by Daiso too and got some materials for my sewing, some toys, and some household appliances.

Lunch at TGI Fridays.
HQ can’t wait to play with his magnetized dinos while waiting for the food to arrive (bought from Daiso). While hubby was bringing HQ for toilet break, I ordered hubby’s steak, which was overcooked because I ordered well done, when he wanted medium rare… opps soree…My creamy spicy scampi spaghetti, which was an absolute treat (I always order this when I come here; so unadventurous, eh?) Mmmm… Fish fingers and fries (half eaten)… HQ’s favourite. The kids ate for free. Marinara spaghetti for the kids… QQ loved this dish This is a normal scene when eating with kids… picking food from your plate, sticky gummy fingers, and food so yummy that kids will lick off plates, etc. QQ with her wide open mouth, double thumbs up, and a round tummy… food must be good :-).

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