Friday, April 17, 2009

my first attempt

This sundress my first attempt working on the sewing machine to create something. It was also my first attempt following a pattern. There were many trials and errors, many unpicking of seams, and fumbling with the machine. There were mistakes, but I reckon, it’s ok, I'll get better with practice :-)
Important thing was, I managed to finish the dress in the end, and it was very fulfilling! It was much more gratifying seeing my daughter wearing a dress made with my own two hands!

The sundress is made from a soft cotton fabric with small red flowers. There were 2 vintage red buttons on the shoulders and another 2 at the waist. These buttons were my mother’s, which she kept in a metal tin since more than 30 years ago. The dress has a bodice and the skirt flaring out for lots of movements.
Updated on 11 July 2009:

When this dress was made in 2008, QQ fitted into it snugly at the bodice but the skirt was a bit too long. Days before she reached 2 this year, I decided to try it on for her again. She still can fit into it comfortably! This time, the skirt is a correct length :-)See my other handmade projects.

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