Wednesday, May 6, 2009

refashion: khaki pants

HQ has this pair of Miki khaki pants that he absolutely loves. He loves the many pockets, and I love the natural khaki colour which looks great with just any top. As he grows, the pants became too short for him. And so, it was passed down and loved again by its second owner, QQ.
This is QQ wearing the pair of pants in January ‘09. With her tongue sticking out like that, I’m sure many of you are thinking she looks really boyish here. I kind of like this simple attire, but I reckon, QQ being a girl, deserves much more frills and laces.

So I dug my stash, put in a little time at night, and came out with this: floral frills on the side pockets and back pockets. I wanted to add frills at the ankles too, but I thought the pants would end up looking kind of heavy.
How girlish can a pair of khaki pants get?

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