Wednesday, April 22, 2009

refashion: why i even started

When my son (HQ) was born in year 2005, like all mothers do, I went bonkers in filling up his wardrobe. I imagined everything would look cute on him, and couldn't resist buying. Well, he did looked cute in his outfits, but problem is, he grew so fast that we could not manage to get him wear all of them. Often, I discovered new pieces which were not worn at all, and got to be tossed into the "could-not-fit bin".

When my second child (QQ) was born in mid 2007, I wisened up. No more new clothes for the littliest one... all would be hand-me-downs! But of course, I do plan to splurge on new outfits for coming home, full moon, birthdays, new years, chinese new years, christmases and other important occasions.

I was adamant to keep my resolution - only hand-me-down everyday clothes for my little baby. Until... my baby girl was repeatedly mistaken as a boy... not that she looks like a boy, but those clothes that she wore were really meant for boys.

So, I refashioned HQ's clothes! This seemed to be the best solution - reduce waste, save money and have a fashionably dressed happy little girl!

I went through HQ's pile of could-not-fit clothes and picked out the finer looking ones (read: not old and without stains). I did not bother with clothes that QQ will wear at home, just the ones that she would wear when we go out.

Ever since the refashioning session, QQ has been getting compliments on how well she is dressed every time we go out :-). In my next posts, I'll share with you some of my refashioning projects... they're fun and easy!

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