Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love creating for as long as I remember. When I was a child, often, I would hide in my room to produce some sort of cards, bookmarks, sewn little pocket books and mosaics for my mum, the recipient of all guinea pig projects :-). And proud she was in receiving all my childish art attempts.

As I was growing up, the library became my best friend. Books of crochet, paper crafts, origami, cross stitch were bountiful. I taught myself to crochet. I saved up enough pocket money to buy yarns, crochet needles, colour papers. Soon, my birthday gifts to close ones were things that I made myself; the usual would be a crochetted sling bag with a handmade birthday card. Sometimes I added an animal origami or a stack of handmade postcards. Or a plastic tub of straw flower buds. Or a handsewn scrunchie or two.

As of now, I've bought myself a sewing machine and am teaching myself to sew. Join me in my journey of explorations, experimentations, and creations. There will be hours behind the sewing machine, waves of colourful fabric and a sea of ribbon spools. Of course, I'll throw in a wok of fried rice now and then :-). Stay tuned.

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