Monday, April 27, 2009

what made me LOL yesterday night...

The kids were rolling on the bed, frolicking and hanging around until they are too tired, and then they will fall asleep. I overheard:

HQ : Meimei, let me tell you a secret...

HQ went and whispered in QQ's ear. I couldn't hear what he whispered, but QQ was giggling. Then HQ left her and laid on his bed, with his hands behind his head. He was humming and looked pleased with himself. Curious, I went over to QQ:

Mama : QQ, what did koko tell you?
QQ : Hmm... Koko tell me... umm... story.
Mama : What story did koko tell you?
QQ : Koko tell me story. *nodding her head*
Mama : What story did koko tell you, meimei?
QQ : I like hear story. Mama! Tell me story! I want hear story, mama!
Mama : *slap forehead*

I guessed that HQ told something so deep to QQ, that she was not able to relate back to me. So, I left her bed and went to mind my own business. Then I saw HQ went over to his sister's bed, kneeled beside her, moved his hands in a circular motion beside his face and said in a deep voice:

HQ : Look at me. Look at my eyes. Now close your eyes. Go to sleep.


Mama : Who taught you that, HQ?

I thought he learnt that from the tv. But no, his answer threw me into disbelief:

HQ : Gong gong!

LOL, his grandpa must have got so desperate for some peace in the house, to resort into hypnotizing him to sleep.

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