Friday, May 15, 2009

celebration in school

Every first Monday of the month, right after school, HQ's pre-kindy celebrates birthdays for children who are born during the month. Often, the birthday kids' parents will prepare cakes, and party favors for the kids. Birthday song will be sung, cakes eaten, games played, and party favors given out. There will also be presents for the birthday kids, prepared by the school teachers.

This month, HQ celebrated his be-early-birthday in school with one other kid.

HQ's birthday cake:

HQ acting cool and nonchalant :-) Cutting his cake with another birthday boy; the boy standing in the middle is just tumpanging glamour :-) :Kiddos sitting in rows, enjoying cakes: Favors waiting to be given out: HQ passing out favors to his friends, while missing no opportunity to devour his share: Spotted on the school notice board! HQ performing for his school concert last year: All in all, it was a happy celebration. I could see from my little boy's face that he is especially pleased while handing out the favors to other kids. When he got back from school, he showed his share of colouring books (from the leftover party favors) to his gong gong and popo. QQ was napping, so HQ left hers on her mattress. He said "I give meimei a surprise, ok. Meimei will see the colouring book when she wake(s) up."

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