Saturday, May 2, 2009

cupcakes love...

Day and time :: 1 May 2009; right after lunch.

Venue :: from the kitchen to the dining room, then to the living hall.

Labor-intensive :: papa for beating the butter and sugar, and with addition of each egg (I could find the mixer and bowl, but not find the electric beaters. Can they be where I suspect them to be... in HQ's treasure box?)

Special helper 1 :: HQ for sieving flour, cutting butter, cracking eggs, stiring orange juice, and scooping batter into muffin cups.

Special helper 2 :: QQ for running to and fro, peering and asking "What you doing?", "What happened?", and "I want to help!"

Recipe source :: 15 minute cupcakes from wokkingmum. A goldmine for yummy looking photos and great recipes!

Tweaks :: I have an abundance of oranges, so I substituted milk with orange juice. I also doubled the recipe to make 24 cupcakes.

Time taken :: 20 minute for mixing and scooping, 30 minutes for baking 2 batches.

Consumed :: HQ - 2 right away from the oven and 1 after dinner; QQ - 1 for tea and 1/2 after dinner; hubby - 2 for tea, mama - 1 for tea and 1/2 after dinner. The rest were given to popo and for our tomorrow's breakfast.
Verdict :: light, aroatic and yummy! Quick and easy too! Will make them again!

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