Friday, May 1, 2009


I unceremoniously named this dress "the-dress-so-demure-Paris-Hilton-will-never-wear" - Paris always wears clothes so sexy, she'll shun this dress altogether :-).

How did this demure dress came about? I have this lovely piece of sky blue gingham folded lovingly and tucked away among my other favourite fabrics. It's a true gingham, rather than printed on, it's weaved to look the same on both sides. I love this piece of fabric for it is not-pink-but-yet-could-be-feminine look. It has so many possibilities... dresses, shorts, tops, skirts... all could look and not look feminine, depending on how it's sewn up.

After pondering for some time, I decided to make this demure and sweet dress. The square collar is made from white cotton edged with delicate lace all around. The skirt is built from the sky blue gingham fabric with pleats, one behind and front each.

I think the dress looks prim enough, yet not overly dressed for a tea party with grandma and grandpa. It is simple yet feminine. It can be dressed on its own or paired with long sleeves for a walk in the park. Or dress it up with a pair of white leggings and a simple handmade red gingham brooch with fluttering grosgrain ribbons.
In the pictures above, QQ was wearing the dress with white long sleeves pullover, leggings and a handmade brooch. Demure, and so unlike Paris, isn't she?

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