Wednesday, May 20, 2009

if only QQ can sing like beyonce

This is 21-month-old QQ's version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.

I didn't get to record the first line of the song
Very off-tune
Words missing
There's a little conversation in the background
And paused in between to pick up a pen for her brother (Other times, she would be pausing to check out what's on tv, ask for biscuits, point out to something that caught her attention, etc.)

This video is by no means perfect, but I gave up.

In which her brother, HQ, commented:

"I think this song, ah, meimei can get 6 out of 10 only!"

And "No la… 3 out of 10 only la, because she keep(s) moving around!"

And "No ah… I think jero out of ten! Hahaha"

But to me? It's a perfect tune...

(And yeah, her hair makes her look like a dorky china doll. Her hair was thick and long; making her very uncomfortable at her neck, eyes and ears. So we snipped the length off. Poor girl, she has to live with this hair until it grows out.)

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