Friday, May 22, 2009


Besides celebrating in school, we celebrated HQ’s birthday, at home too, with gong gong and popo. It was a simple celebration, just a lunch, followed by a cake cutting session. I wished I have gotten some really nice pictures, but they did not turn out as good as I hoped. These are few ones that are ok.

In the morning, he went through his school activities like usual. While he’s at school, I rushed back to bake and decorate his cake. Okay, I cheated. I baked from a box of Pillsbury yellow cake mix. I wanted to add chocolate chips to make it yummier, prettier and somewhat more homemade, but I forgot. And okay, the decoration was so minimal… I just cut off the domed top, spread strawberry jam on top, sprinkled coloured chocolate rice at the side, and placed a ready store-bought sugar piece of Ben10 picture. So, here's the shabby work of an a novice baker... When HQ came back from school, his papa gave him a Ben10 watch as his birthday present. Turned out, he was more interested with a strange looking ant, crawling at the glass door. I told hubby to just get him a jarful of ants next time, or some equally creepy crawlies.HQ enjoyed blowing another round of 4 candles, perched proudly on his Ben10 birthday cake. Baked and decorated by his mama. His little sister was very pleased too, obviously more with the cake than anything else; she could not get her eyes off the cake. And my little boy had a great time. He’s a really happy boy; proud to be four. :-)

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Sue Sue said...

Hahaha... thanks for supporting Pillsbury. Need more mama like you to give me more sales la.

BoeyJoey said...

Give yourself a pat on your back for carrying such a good product :-)

My baking is nothing compared to yours, your works are always so neat and attractive!


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