Tuesday, May 26, 2009

refashion: from tops to skirts

As I was digging out HQ’s clothes to be refashioned into more feminine looking attires for QQ, I thought of all the clothes that I could not wear anymore, after having my babies. They are very new, still look really good, and I hated to waste. After some pondering, I thought of some ways that I can refashion them to be used again by my little girl!

These are two slinky stretchable Key Ng tops that I love, but because I went from a size S to a size M, sometimes L, I could not possibly fit into them anymore. To alter the tops to skirt,

1. I took my scissors and snipped away the top meant for the neck and armholes. At this point, they looked like very loose tubes.
2. Next, fold over the top fabric and run the sewing machine over to make casings for the elastics.

3. Using a safety pin, insert the elastics into the casings.

4. Sew both ends of the elastics together. Close the casings' openings.

5. Done! Easy peasy. I spent no more than 15 minutes on both skirts.
Simple and chic, aren’t they?
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