Tuesday, May 12, 2009

still my fav...

I am a big fan of messenger bags. I have four in my collection, and am still looking forward to have another one.

My first messenger bag is an East India one in deep turquoise. When I bought this bag, I was doing my Degree papers in one of the local uni. The bag is the perfect size to stuff all my books and papers when I moved from lecture to lecture, and for when I stay over at my course mate’s house to finish some urgent projects.

My second messenger bag is a handmade one. Crocheted with my own hands while watching tv, studying, and chatting with my uni friends. Amongst all the other bags that I crocheted, this would be my favourite. When my little guy came along, I spied on another messenger bag in FOS; spacious enough to carry milk bottles, hot water flask, water tumbler, milk powder, diapers, a change of clothes and wet tissue. Problem is my little guy is a boy, and the bag is in the sweetest shade of pink. I still used it for convenience, and it looked good on ME.

The next messenger bag that I added to my collection is a Gap khaki colour canvas bag. It’s very durable and is now a new favourite; very easy to match with any casual attire, be it jeans, skirts, or shorts.

The convenience of having both my hands free must be the main reason why I prefer these bags over other types. My hands will be free to thwart irritating mozzies, catch running toddlers; wipe snot from one toddler’s nose while spoon-feeding another toddler, etc. etc.

I’m contemplating to make another one, this time sewn in my favourite fabric. Hmm… this should be quite high on my wish list.

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