Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"when will i grow up?"

My little 3.5 year old son asked the other day.

I explained to him that he has grown from a little baby into a boy that he is right now. From a baby, he has learnt to walk, talk, run, jump, and many more. He IS growing and learning to do new things EVERYDAY. In fact, on this very month, he will be celebrating his 4th birthday!

“But why take so long to grow up?"

“Well, time passes slowly so that we can enjoy the process of growing. Remember the tomato tree?* It grew from a seed, into a small little plant. And as it grew taller and stronger, it flowered and bore fruits.”

“But I want to grow up faster. I want to go to work like you and papa. I want to go shopping and buy toys for meimei!”

Oh dear… my frustrated little boy prattled on and on along countless reasons on why he NEEDS to grow up faster.

But I got to admit that I smiled amidst his frustration; well, he does have a lot of sweet things that he wants to do for his meimei!

* Tomato trees: that’s another story for another time
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