Wednesday, June 10, 2009

boots for tots

Since my kids were borned, they have the largest feet... HQ at 4 years old is already wearing 29-30 shoe size. QQ, who's going to be 2 next month is wearing size 22-23 size. (hubby's genes, not mine!).
So, when they're babies, the largest store bought booties were quickly outgrown. I made these booties when QQ was 3 months old. At that time, I do not own a sewing machine yet. So I sent the pieces to the sewing store to be seamed at all sides. I then handsew the little pieces of fabric with thread and needle into little booties. Um... actually, not so little compared to those sold in supermarkets.I find my handmade booties more superior than store bought varieties, as I can custom them to her size, and change the look by adding ribbons, yoyos, buttons, elastic, etc. These shoes are made of cotton, and are lined with a matching solid or print.They are very comfortable and QQ wore them day and night. They are lightweight and airy for afternoon wear, and keep little toes warm at night. Worn loose or fitted, these little booties look good and stay on! They are easily kept clean as they are machine washable. They are also easy to match with clothes, and being handmade, I can sew up dresses and tops using the same fabric. Super cute! Many friends have been asking about these booties. I realise they may be a hit among new mothers. I'm thinking of sewing up a batch and keep them handy for new babies. One or two pairs put in a tissue lined box and tied with ribbon will be really elegant! See my other handmade projects.

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