Wednesday, June 17, 2009


HQ came back from school and reported:

HQ : Today, my friend's mama bring cake to school. But only eat with the Indian friends.

I thought the Indians must have some sort of celebration and brought some delicacy to share among the same race. HQ continued:

HQ : Only the Indians eat. The Malays didn't eat. The Chinese didn't eat. The English didn't eat.

Mama : English? Who's the English in your school?
As I know there's no Caucasian in HQ's pre-kindy.

HQ : Me la! All my other friends speak Chinese or Malay ma! Only I speak English wat!

Mama : *slap forehead*

I pointed out to HQ that Mandarin, Malay and English are languages that we speak. Chinese, Indian, Malay are the races. We are Chinese. The people in England are the English. English is the language and also the people (nationality). So, he repeated to reconfirm:

HQ : So, the Chinese (who) speak Chinese are Chinese. People in England are English. I am Chinese (who) speak English, so I am Chinese English, ya? Ya?

Adui... he really like to be associated with the English people ha??

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Annie Q said...

LOL!!! This is so funny!!!

Annie Q said...

Oooopppsss..sorry to said..first time here and thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Nice and interesting blog, and you're so talented, can sew and bake well!!

A Mom's Diary said...

Really enjoyed reading your posts. Light and relaxed. And I must say I'm amazed with your sewing so many things for your children. My mum used to sew our school uniforms, pyjamas, etc, but sadly, I've never picked up the skills from her.

zmm said...

Clever HQ.
How old is he?

Btw, thanks for visiting my site. :)

BoeyJoey said...

Annie Q:
The pleasure is mine :-).
I'm still learning to sew and bake... still lots of room for improvement!

A Mom's Diary:
Thanks; my mum did sew a lot too, maybe seeing her sew when I was young influenced my interest as well.

HQ turned 4 last month.
Your blog is always a good read :-).

Big Pumpkin said...

Hahaha....this reminds me of my grandmother - till this day, she still tells people that she is English *pengsan*


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