Monday, June 15, 2009

from the archive: kid's quotes

"I’m not very full. But not little bit full. Just a little bit hungry."

"You know, Uncle Lee's son has only one teeth! He eats too many sweets and all his teeth drop off, left one only! His mouth become botak (Malay: for bald) already!"

"Why is the moon always following me?"

HQ, 3-year-old

"I can do it! Now I clever girl. Quick clap hand!"

"Eee... I scared spider. Spider bite meimei buttock. Eat meimei."

"Popo so silly one. Angry with me. Talking talking."

"Hehehe... Mama, you eating leaf. Nice or not?"

"I eating! Don't touch me! Grrr!!!"

QQ, 22-month-old

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1 comment:

zmm said...

Such chatter boxes, your 2 kids.

Isn't nice to capture these. I love reading back old posts of what the girls said.


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