Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my favourite posts

i love how they seem to do it so easily

caught by surprise
i was and everyone else too...

onion joke, vege-verbal & a "die" threat
my 4 year old told a joe and it was funny! :-)

our first experience
we're on tv! :-D

best birthday present
though it's crumpled, torn and most probably stained by little splats of Milo, I'll cherish this forever...

one of my favourite moments
my sweet sweet boy...

a father's sentiment
a sweet reminder on what's most important

peter pan fever
a happy one, that is :-)

our kiddos' home videos
i can't help but guffaw at this one :-D

fraser hill
this was the first time my kids saw a waterfall... time to act jakun

mashed durian mixed with carrot juice, anyone?
one of the million reasons why i love this kid

my 4 year old thinks he owns my hair
and he thinks i looked like a chicken too... boohoo

being cheeky
bully in the making...

a memorable lunch
oh boy... how "memorable"

sunday birthday lunch
our princess celebrates her birthday

handling QQ, HQ's way
it sure takes two hands to clap...

terrible two turns out sweetly...

i want to capsulate these moments
sweet moments i want to remember forever...

lizards are not food and other things i never thought i'd say
sometimes I surprise myself.

monologue of my 22-month-old
An excerpt of how my daughter sounded like at that age.

one of my favourite drawings.

if only QQ can sing like beyonce
a perfect tune, at least to me.

"seeing" from my 20-month-old eyes
what a little girl can teach someone-aged one-third-of-a-century aka. me.

"when will i grow up?"
everytime i read this post, i feel fuzzy all over.

do re mi
when do re mi went wrong.

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