Friday, June 19, 2009

our harvest

I have mentioned before about the tomato plants that we planted here and here.

I am really clueless as to how we even started to plant tomatoes in the first place. Maybe tomato is about the only vegetable that HQ likes. Or when HQ was pestering us for a tomato to be thrown out of the car window, so that he can see it splattered to pieces. Yeah… I think that must be it.

Way back when HQ graduated from being bound at the shoulders and the crotch onto the car seat, he was pretty excited that he was free to sit wherever he liked, while his little sister, QQ, took his previous seat. And so he detached the car seat belt and jumped around the car, like a little bag of beans.

Mama : HQ, please sit still and put on your seatbelt!
HQ : * ignored me and kept jumping up and down.
Mama : If you don’t sit properly, you will get flung out of the car. And do you know what will happen?
HQ : What? *wide eyed
Mama : You will get squashed like a tomato!

HQ was silent and sat very still.
Ha! That worked and solved our problem!
Or so I thought.

HQ : Mama, how (did) the tomato get squashed? Please let me see what happen to the tomato.
Mama : Um… we don’t have a tomato…
HQ : Buy lo, mama.

I didn’t know why I did not choose egg instead. Maybe the sight of broken eggs on the road is not as shocking as a ripe juicy red tomato. Anyway.

I thought he would have forgotten our conversation by the next day. But, no. He kept pestering me to buy a tomato for him to throw out of the car. On the next day. And the day after next. And every day thereafter. He’s really curious. And he wanted proof.

One thing led to another. The next thing we know, hubby was helping HQ sowing tomato seeds in a flower pot. They sowed about 10 seeds, and little HQ was so diligent in watering them. The day came when we saw 6 little plants sprouted from the ground. HQ got even more motivated.

When the plants were about 2 inches tall, hubby helped HQ to replant them. 5 plants were evenly spaced in a square flower pot, and one plant was left untouched in the pot that we sowed the seeds in. One plant died during the replanting process, and so we were left with 5 plants.

So these 5 plants grew and grew. We have 5 really tall tomato plants. Not bushy like tomato plants should be, but scrawny. I guess because they were living in confined spaces of flower pots, that’s the best they can grow. After awhile, the tomato trees began to flower! Lots of yellow beautiful flowers! HQ kept his hands to himself and did not pluck any of them, as he learnt that they will blossom into tiny tomatoes! He was very excited and can’t wait for the tomatoes to grow. Every morning, he will visit his tomato trees and see them grow.

We noticed that HQ’s tomato trees were nearly barren. The fruits ripen quickly, even though they were still very small. The look on our little boy’s face when he cupped the plucked fruits on his palm was priceless. We had them sliced and served raw with HQ’s meals, but mostly we throw them into ABC soups.

Here’s some of the bigger fruits getting ripe on the vine.

Here's a wierd looking tomato with spots all over; the second picture shows it ripen. One of the first tomatos that has ripen on the vine. And here’s a picture of some of the earlier fruits that we harvested. See the comparison? They’re as big as a 50 cents coin, even though they are from the plump variety. A fully grown plump tomato should be as big as my fist. The day came when we have to clear the tomato trees from our flower pots. Even though we tied their branches to dried sticks, they were bending over. Their leaves were wilted and dried. Till the last fruit that we harvested, we got a total of 11 small fruits from 5 trees.

Pathetic harvest… but we felt good nonetheless :-). We were very happy with them, especially HQ. What matters most was, HQ was exposed to where plants come from, how plants grow, bear fruits and grow old. And besides, it became sort of a habit that he behaves himself in the car, and none of seeing his precious tomato flung out of the car window to be squashed.

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A Mom's Diary said...

Your hubby is really patient to indulge his little box in the learning process. Mine will probably won't bother :-)

BoeyJoey said...

You meant "boy" right? ;-)
There's not much effort from hubby actually, just guiding HQ to sow and replant. The watering and fruits picking part are taken care by HQ. Well, hubby enjoyed the father-son time too :-).

Big Pumpkin said...

You are in Malaysia? I never knew tomatoes could be grown in Msia.....don't you need a cooler climate? Please excuse my ignorance!

BoeyJoey said...

A semi-shaded area with lots of water in the morning and evening would be fine.

We used to grow our own tomatoes in my mum's garden when we were younger... of course, they were much bigger!


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