Friday, June 5, 2009

the slide adventure

The other weekend, we went to Bangi park for a picnic breakfast and a long morning walk. For the kids, their highlight of the trip would be fun in the playground. HQ was doing whatever he fancied without our supervision. QQ, however, needed a little help. Her favourite were the many slides, and our job for that day was to make sure she got up and down the slides safely.

Soon, she got bored, and started climbing from the other end. Then she wanted to go on the 'big-kids-tunnel-slide'. It was one of the longer slide in the park, and it was a tunnel slide, where we can't see her while she's at it. Popo tried to talk her out of it. Reversely, her Gong gong was as excited as her. She was adament. She wanted to go to the 'big-kids-tunnel-slide'. And her Gong gong was encouraging her. Said it would be alright. So off she went.

My heart was going bippity bop. My mind was racing with thoughts of different danger that she may get herself in... What if she freak out while in the dark tunnel and scream her lungs out? What if she fell backward and knock her head resulting a big bruise? What if she got stuck at the bend and we can't get her out?

But she plunged through, and got out unscathed. She wore a surprised look on her face. Quickly, she recovered and declared that she wanted to go up the 'big-kids-tunnel-slide' again. This time she came out with a big grin. And she went again. And again. And again and again. Countless times.

And all these while, where were her grandparents? Guarding each end of the 'big-kids-tunnel-slide'. Gong gong to let her down and Popo to fetch her from the other end. :-). Well, I felt rest assured then. If I have grandparents who love me as much, I will feel as secured going down this 'big-kids-tunnel-slide' too.
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