Monday, June 1, 2009

who... me?

Little QQ has been asking a lot of why questions. Sometimes she venture into asking where, how and who. I try to answer each of her questions reasonably; sometimes it makes me wonder if she understands what we explained to her. But seeing that she asks the why, where, how and who questions very appropriately, I think she might have understood.

On one occasion, while we were on our way to popo’s house, she asked her series of questions. When I was lost for words, I took the easy way out.

QQ: Why?
M : Because the sky is so high

And immediately her elder brother, HQ, added in:

HQ : Because the world is so big!

I found this cute, so I continued with the fun.

M : Because the moon is so round!
HQ : Because the sun is so bright!
M : Because the stars are so many!
HQ : Because the cars are so many!
M : Because the flowers are so pretty!
HQ : Because the playground is so wet!
(from the overnight rain, I guess)
M : Because my little boy is so cute!
HQ : Because my mama is so fat!

Mama? So fat???

And he laughed his very contagious laugh, but it sounded somewhat sarcastic that morning.

Oh dear…

I learnt long ago that kids never lie. So on that morning, my ego flew out of the car window. :-(

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Sun Sun said...

Hahhaa.. the last line was so amazing.. You are right... kids never lie.. but however, I think HQ said that just because you are of bigger size than him... I wonder when my YS would say that to me..

BoeyJoey said...

The truth hurts :-). However, I hope you are right on the bigger size part...

YS, being a girl, I'm sure, will be more sensitive. Anyway, you're such a slim mummy, she won't get a chance to say that to you!


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