Friday, July 10, 2009

another long night...

QQ: 1 year 11 months old

Every weeknight I drive home with my kids from my mum’s house. Both kids would be strapped safely to their seats, soft nursery rhymes on, and by 8.30pm, both of them would be fast asleep. Once home, I’ll carry them to their beds to continue sleeping, and I’ll have a few hours to myself before I hit the sack.

Nowadays, my 23-month-old is having a major overhaul with her sleeping pattern. Where previously QQ took 3 hours of shuteye in 2 separate naps during the day, nowadays she takes only 1 nap for not more than 2 hours. When her bedtime comes, she will continue playing and being her cheeky self. She is definitely sleepy but would be fighting sleep until she finally zone out at 10.00 – 10.30 pm.

Yesterday night was such a night. While on our way home from mum’s house, instead of chattering and singing to herself before falling asleep, she wanted a conversation and was asking question after question non stop:

Why we stop here for awhile; why?
Why got red light; why?
What you doing, mama?
Where we going, mama?
Why we go home, mama; why?
Why we go so slow; why?
Why cannot go fast fast; why?
Why now go fast fast; why?
Why got bump?
Why koko get angry, why mama, why?
Why koko sleepy; why?
Papa where?
Why papa got meeting; why?
I want papa… when papa come home?
Why papa come home later; why?

With each question that I answered her, I ended with a “good night, meimei”, “ok, hush now, meimei, koko wants to sleep”, “meimei, close your eyes and go to sleep”, etc, she still kept her momentum on.

On the other hand, her brother, HQ, who was trying to fall asleep, would be complaining : "Meimei so noisy, how am I going to sleep?!?!"


When I reached home last night, I had one chatty toddler and one grumpy kid. The grumpy kid finally fell asleep on his bed, but not the chatty toddler. Finally at 10.45 pm, she requested for milk and her pacifier before she finally went to sleep. While I enjoyed my one-to-one time with her, I knew she is sleep deprived, and felt so guilty that she had been up for so long.

Do you face similar sleep problem with your kid?

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