Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i want to capsulate these moments...

QQ is going to be 2 in a few days. Two years just flew by, and with a blink of the eye, my little girl will be a toddler, no longer a baby.

At this young age, she is very good in communicating her love, to me and few others that she loves. Often, when I walked through the door of my mum’s house, to fetch my kids home after work, my little girl runs to me, hugs my thighs really tight and declares “Hello mama! I love you very much!”

Nowadays, we have 30 min – 40 min in bed before she falls asleep. It has become our special one-to-one moments. While HQ is snoring away on his bed nearby, QQ and I will be whispering, singing and giggling with each other. I tickle her and she goes “geli, geli” in between her giggles. She sings the songs that she learnt from her popo, and insists I clap after each one is sung. We play sek sek sek pom pom pom and I relish in seeing how she describes the "bird drink water and fly away happily". And I so love that she calls herself “baby princess” (Snow White is the jie jie princess, so she is baby princess).

The other night, while she was lying on her bed, fighting sleep, she said:
“I so happy with mama. I so happy with koko. I so happy with popo. I so happy with papa. I so happy with gong gong. I so happy with kiu kiu. I so happy with Tai Yi. I so happy with Gabriel. But I angry with Kakak. Because she always disturb me." *pout*

Yesterday night she whispered in my ear Mama, I tell you a secret.” I nodded my head and she continued “Happy together.” I really do not know where she get this from, but it seemed insignificant... For now, I’m just so glad to be her mother.

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mommy to chumsy said...

how sweet :D her vocab is so good and she's not even 2 yet :D

BoeyJoey said...

She speaks a rojak of English, Malay and Mandarin... and her grammer really needs some improvement :-)


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