Tuesday, July 28, 2009


July is a birthday month… phew! With all the birthday posts this month, BoeyJoey can be a birthday dedication blog :-). Well, birthdays are birthdays… we can’t change people’s birthdays to accommodate a blog right? ;-)

This will be a short documentation on how Dad and Mum’s birthdays were celebrated…

The kids at Secret Recipe picking up the cake before dinner. We had Dad and Mum’s favourite carrot sheet cake frosted with cream cheese. See the cookie monster and elmo that HQ was holding? He picked those out from his toy box saying “Cookie Monster for Gong gong’s birthday present, Elmo for Popo’s birthday present”. I swear I did not put that idea into his head! We had a simple celebration. Dad is always happiest when food is prepared by mum – no MSG, healthy food, can eat at own pace, no need to drive out to restaurant, just Mum’s delicious home cooked food. So for their double birthdays celebration, Mum prepared a wide spread of food for steamboat. Truly scrumptious!

Fresh seafood, homemade fishballs, homemade sui kau, meat, etc. all cooked in a kampong chicken broth. The soup was soooo sweet! The kids bathe and changed into their pajamas before we bring the cake out. The kids were all excited, and QQ kept requesting “Put fire on the candle!”

See my family very funny one… have to sit opposite each other to blow their birthday cake candles. Mum and Dad were actually blocking the wind from blowing the candles out before they get their chance to blow them. Yup, my family is all about practicality. It was a simple celebration with the family. Dad testified that mum's steamboat is the best! I couldn’t agree with him more :-)

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Blessed mum said...

Happy Birthday to your parents!

Indeed, nothing beats homecook meal :)

And so sweet of HQ to gave his toys to grandpa and grandma.

I thought your dad was blocking so that HQ can't blow it..hahaha..

BoeyJoey said...

Hahaha... yes, that too! See, HQ's lips are puckered up to blow the candles!

Thanks for the wish, Blessed mum!

Annie Q said...

Happy birthday to your mum and dad. Their birthday fall on the same month or just few days apart?

Ya, homecook food always is the yummy one and msg free.

BoeyJoey said...

July 17 and July 27.

Mum and Dad always celebrate their birthdays together... they think it's more convenient, I think it's more "yan ngoi" ;-)

mommy to chumsy said...

happy belated bday to your dad :) what a nice celebration. hey, i notice you all had different sauces for your steamboat? yummy !!!

BoeyJoey said...

Yeah... all prepared by mum! We go and eat only *paiseh*


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