Wednesday, July 8, 2009


QQ: 1 year 11 months old

QQ loves food, main meals or snacks, she loves them all. Often, right after she scoops her last spoonful, while still munching, she'll come to us, holding her bowl up high and starts asking for her 10.67th helping. There's no stopping her, until at some point, we have to say "NO".

Her way of negotiating - first she announces, and looks at us hopefully, while holding her bowl up:
QQ : No more raisin!

If the above does not work, she will outright ask for it:
QQ : I want more raisin.

Again, if the above does not work, she will use her charm... use polite words, speak with a sweet voice, plus an engaging smile, AND a sway on her hips:
QQ : Pleeeease... can I have more raisin?

Now, should she not get her wish, she will start raising her tone:
QQ : Give me more raisin, oh-KAY?
A very laud emphasis on the KAY.

Not suceeding, she'll use sympathy - large puppy eyes, pursed rosebud lips, sometimes even batting her eyelashes:
QQ : Last time, oh-KAY?
Oh, how she loves saying "Oh-KAY"

And at last resort, she'll use her high and mighty voice, and give us a princess-like order:
QQ : One Two Three! Go take raisins for me NOW!!!

If at this point her wish is not granted, she would have given up being civilised... she will plop her fleshy bum on the floor with her legs wide open, splayed hands downward in front of her - one hand still holding her bowl, lower her head with a soft "thud" on the floor, and a frustrated wail will be blaring in her highest pitch...

And at this point, it would be best to pick her up, walk to the window and show her some imaginary aeroplanes zooming across the sky, monkeys hanging on the fruit trees, balloons floating in the air, etc. etc. whatever we can think of. Used to work, not now anymore - she'll declare "Where got? Bluff me one!". That aside, she would have been distracted enough to forget her 10.67th helping of raisins. Although being called a bluff, we consider ourselves successful. This time.

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Annie Q said...

hahhahahah, most kids love to use this "magic word" - "PLEASE" to get their thing. My Cruz also the same!!!

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, her speech is really good eh? bravo :D

BoeyJoey said...

And this morning, she tried "Leeeeeetle bit only?"
Kids, they never give up, don't they? ;-)

Big Pumpkin said...

Hehe....who do you think they learn from?!

BoeyJoey said...

Hmmm... I wonder as well ;-)


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