Tuesday, July 14, 2009

potty training

QQ: 1 year 11 months old

We were home last Saturday, and while I was sitting down with the kids, watching cartoons, QQ got up and walked towards the toilet. I quickly followed her and heard her mumbling to herself “I want to go she she”.

I followed her to see what she’s up to. She tugged on her pants and she successfully got it all off (with her hands holding down the pants right down to her ankles and bum sticking up). Then she attempted to sit on the potty. She could not aim her bum and the potty fell over (luckily there’s nothing inside). If I did not catch her in time, she would have landed on her bum. I couldn’t help laughing as I helped her to sit on the potty. She did her little business and got up by herself.

She then picked up her shorts and went to the living room. Then she promptly sat on the ABC mat and started fiddling with her shorts. I quickly ran to get my camera.

I managed to get a video of her getting her legs into the right holes and pulling her pants all the way up! (With a little twisted elastic at the waist). While all the time her eyes were glued to the tv. Can you make out what she said at the end of the video?

Surprisingly, we did not prompt her, she just went ahead and do it herself. I guess seeing her elder sibling doing things does motivate her to do things by herself too. She’s so proactive and I am so proud of her!

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