Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sunday birthday lunch

the princess
QQ celebrates her 2 year old birthday
Clad in a handmade dress by her mama (mama now resembles a panda bear with oversized eye bags)
the family
Family picture Dad and QQ
The bag that QQ is holding is a present from MY, bro's gf. Mum and QQBro and MY with the kids
(The kids have been making wierd monkey faces whenever the camera is near; I can't get one decent photo!)
the lunch
Dad and mum in the restaurant Bro and MY... The food - buttered prawns, fried tofu with Thai sauce, kampong chicken with scallop, hong xiu pork ribs, and fu yu vege. For 6 adults and 2 kids, the bill only came to RM 108… we even pack one big rib back… very yummy and very worth it!the 2 "wai sek mau"
the candle blowing
Homemade chocolate moose cake and chocolate frosting (another round of panda eyes in the making)the laughter
the entertainment
I did not teach QQ a single song, mum did. Mum has a wonderful voice...
Besides some of the mispronounced words, she follows the songs' tunes quite well for her age :-).

Sifu and disciple
my darling QQ and me... post script: We celebrated QQ’s birthday last Sunday, one day earlier than actual date. We're going to celebrate dad and mum’s birthdays next week.

post post script: HQ is most sweet on his sister’s birthday. When he got the wind that we are celebrating QQ’s birthday on that day, he announced to everyone “Today is meimei’s birthday, quick wish her happy birthday!” He was an angel during presents time (he helped QQ to put the ang pows inside her new bag) and during the candle blowing time. He didn’t mind when all our attention was focused on QQ when she sang for us. At other times, he and QQ fight for their turns to be the lead singer. I’m so proud of my little boy. :-)

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mommy to chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, QQ. May you always be a healthy and happy girl :) That's a lovely dress your mama made. Also the cupcakes are lovely. You are such a lucky girl.

BoeyJoey said...

"Thank you, Aunty mommy to chumsy" :-D

Annie Q said...

Happy belated birthday QQ!

So many foods and the foods look so yummy! Now i'm so hungry by looking at the pictures. hahahha. It is so good to see your two wai sek mau love the food so much right? :)

Love the family picture, HQ face expression so cute!

coffeesncookies said...

Happy Birthday QQ !!

BoeyJoey said...

Thanks, Annie Q & coffeesncookies :-)

Blessed mum said...

Happy belated to QQ!

your kids such good eater, going to the extend of licking the plate! must be very delicious!!

QQ so lucky to have a mommy who knows how to sew such beautiful dress!

BoeyJoey said...

If they love what's being served, yes, they'll lick their plates clean clean!

I'm still learning to sew; lots of areas for improvement still :-)

Big Pumpkin said...

Happy Belated Birthday, QQ!!!

BoeyJoey said...

Thanks, mama pumpkin :-)

2ma said...

happy belated 2nd birthday QQ!

BoeyJoey said...

Thanks, 2ma!
And thanks for dropping by :-)


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