Thursday, July 9, 2009

thoughts about marriage

Everytime HQ brings up the topic of marriage, which was sporadic, I’m always amused. Amused with his thoughts, with how he strings one thing with another, and with his many sweet suggestions.

To complete his strings of thoughts, I dug my previous writings on HQ’s thoughts about marriage… arranged in sequence:

When HQ was 2 years 6 months old
Friday, 7 December 2007

I went under the blade when I delivered QQ last July 2007. (For HQ, it was a normal birth). In the midst of chaos, I lost my favourite watch and my wedding ring. (That’s the second ring I’ve lost)

Last week, hubby and I went to shop for my new wedding ring. I’m now wearing it day and night, adamant not to lose any more rings.

HQ, naturally asked about the ring.
Mama : When papa and mama got married, we wear wedding rings. Mama is wearing a new wedding ring, because mama lost the old one.
HQ : I want a wedding ring also.
Mama : No, HQ, you only wear a wedding ring when you get married.
HQ : I want to get marry also. I marry you, mama.
Mama : Papa and mama got married already. Next time, when you grow up, you find a nice girl and marry her.
HQ : I don't want. I want to marry popo and gong gong then.
Mama : Popo and gong gong is married to each other already. You cannot marry them.
HQ : Then who will marry me?
Mama : When you grow up, you will fall in love with a girl, and then you will marry her.

At that time, hubby came out from the bath, HQ lost interest with our conversation, and he shouted to his papa:
HQ : Papa, I want to watch Baby Einstein!

When HQ was 2 years 7 months old
Monday, 31 December 2007

By this time, HQ has accepted the fact that his mama and papa are married, his popo and gong gong are married, and he will not be able to marry any of them. He is still intrigued with the concept of marriage. Here are some snippets of our different conversations with regards to the topic:

HQ : Mama marry papa already. Gong gong marry popo already.
Mama : Ah... ha...
HQ : When meimei grow up, pretty already, nice girl already, I marry meimei.
Mama : Huh?? No, HQ, you will like another nice girl, and marry that nice girl. Cannot marry meimei one.
HQ : I like meimei mah... I want to marry meimei.
Mama : *slap forehead*

Followed by:
HQ : Baby come from where, mama?
Mama : When people get marry, then they have babies.
HQ : I grow up, and then I get marry, and then I get baby. Yes or not, mama?
Mama : Yes, HQ. :-)
Let’s hope he keeps the sequence right.

When HQ was 3 years old to 3 years 11 months old
This is the tme when HQ starts school at 3 years old. Incidents happened anytime from June 2008 to April 2009, which are not about marriage in particular, but he started getting very aware of girls.

“Kai Lin and Kai Wen look alike. They look like dolls together.”
Kai Lin and Kai Wen are in fact twins. They stay across the road to mum’s house. So when school is over, HQ holds the twins hands, one twin on one side, and walks home with them. Talk about a young gentleman.

“Ke Qian don’t like to play with me anymore”
So I asked “Are you too rough when you play with her?”
And he replied “No, I very gentle when playing with her. I don’t know why she don’t like me anymore.”
Ke Qian is one of HQ’s earliest friends in school. Guess this explains why HQ was so upset when they don’t get along so well anymore. :-(

“Wah… that girl so fat one.”
Pointed out and gossiped with me about one of his school mate. Isshhh….

I was in his school when his school organized a talent show. There was this girl who is the younger sister of HQ's classmate. HQ likes her, and declared:
“I like that girl, mama. Please take her pictures.”
He was too shy to take picture with her, he just asked me to snap her pictures. Her picture can be found here.

When HQ is 4 years old
Monday, 25 May 2009

We were leafing through some books, and HQ pointed out a picture of a girl to me:
HQ : Mama, this girl is pretty. I like her.
Mama : Ya… she’s pretty.
HQ : When I grow up, I will go and look for her.
Mama : Huh? But you don't know her. You don't know where she stays.
HQ : Nevermind! I will go and look for her everywhere! Far far away! I will look for her all over the world! *very excited*
Mama : And what happens when you find her?
HQ : I will marry (her).
Mama : o.O'

I think I got a new term for the above - puppy love at first sight.

His evolvement, in the context of marriage:
- At 2.5 year old, he just wanted to wear a ring like us. And because I told him married people wear rings, he wanted to get married too.
- He understood that his mama and papa, popo and gong gong, and other uncles and aunties are already married. So he has to marry someone his age, who is not married.
- From 3 years old onwards, he was interested with marrying a girl, more than getting a ring.
- And at 4 years old, he begins to identify good looking girls. AND he knows there is pursuing involved.

Yes, I know it's normal among kids nowadays, but I'm starting to get worried on how his teenage years will be... So, how do you approach this?

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