Wednesday, July 15, 2009

video: QQ this morning

They say any person with a "Pig" zodiac will sleep a lot... like a pig. Not the case with my daughter! She's the most insomniac piglet-zodiac-child I've ever seen! :-)

Well, this morning she was up extra early, and I got to spent some time with her:

In the video, she was fiddling with her papa's ipod, asking me to switch it on for her. She has been using "I, me, myself, you, your" correctly for the past two months now. However, she does calls herself "meimei" once in awhile. She also knows when to use "papa's, koko's, mama's" correctly, although her "mine" is said as "mine's" :-).

We were actually whispering, but HQ, who got up to have his morning pee earlier, could not fall back to sleep... he said we were very noisy! Sorry, HQ! :-P

QQ is still 5 days from her 2nd birthday :-).

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