Friday, August 28, 2009

fabric craze

After meeting up some clients at Klang last Friday, it was already 5.15 pm... time to head for home. I was walking towards where my car was parked when I caught sight of a shop sign that often brings my heart to a quick bippity-bop... Kamdar! The fabric store!

I thought of the traffic jam awaiting me, and the practical side of me said I really must get going. I stood there and weighted my options for a moment (I must say, it was a VERY brief moment)... what the heck, it was raining cats and dogs anyway. So in I went.

I live for when I get the chance to step into a fabric store. It was sweet pickings for me. Rows and rows of solids, prints, cottons, linens, florals, geometrics, bold prints, subdue ones... it's pure heaven for my soul.

Having stacks and stacks of still untouched fabrics at home, with much constraints, I restricted myself to only 3 fabric this time. But when I saw some oriental prints going for 50% discounts, and a blue and white small floral print... oh, I can't pass those up! I ended up with 5 pieces of fabrics... which I do not know when I will actually use them... still, happy happy :-D

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

gender stereotypes

Observation no. 1 - Reactions towards creepy crawlies
When I arrived mum’s house from work one Saturday (I work half day on alternate Saturdays), the kids were staring at this huge wasp trapped between two panes of glass doors. Before hubby set the wasp free, the kids went near and had a good look at it.

The reactions of both kids were so different:
- HQ was inquisitive, going very near and pointing at the glass at various parts of the wasp, and asking many questions. Although he knew that the wasp’s sting is poisonous, he showed no sign of fear, maybe because he knew the wasp was trapped between the glass panes. - QQ, on the other hand, refused to ‘touch’ the wasp (protected by the glass) and was muttering “eee” while posing a kawaii look with both fists on her face. Although I can tell you the reason for the kawaii look is purely out of repulsiveness and not to act cute. HQ is all about catching dragonflies and spiders, swapping mosquitoes and flies, stomping on unsuspecting ants. QQ just refuses to touch them.

Observation no. 2 - Favourite toys & playing pretend
Needless to say, HQ’s favourite toys are, animal figurines, dinosaurs, superhero figurines, cars. He uses his building blocks to build guns, animal sty, and car garage. HQ pretends to be Power Ranger, Spiderman, kung fu fighter, Peter Pan, saber-tooth or tyrannosaurus. (QQ is in fact scared of her “tyrannosaurus-koko”). When HQ plans for outings, he pretends to go to the zoo, pet stores, swimming pool, playground, and occasionally supermarkets. Favourite movies at the moment are Peter Pan, Ben 10, and Ice Age (1 to 3). When he was younger, he loves the dinosaurs documentary series and Disney Cars. QQ loves playing with dolls, enjoys playing cooking and serving, loves princess pictures and books. When QQ plays pretend, she pretends to be a doctor, or the mama to her doll - feeding her and putting blankets (handkerchiefs) on her. She also loves to pretend that she’s off to the supermarket or market, bag/ basket on her arm, shopping for food which she will bring “home” to cook. Favourite movies are Snow White, Mulan, Pinocchio and also Peter Pan. I think these are all inborn. Although we have always told our kids to share their toys, the kids still automatically find their favourites, according to their genders.

Observation no. 3 - QQ, the little vainpot
QQ has a fetish for lotions; pumping and smearing the stuff all over her face, neck, arms, legs and anywhere exposed. She loves putting my rings and necklaces on herself. If she’s in a good mood, she loves to pose for the camera and later ask to see her own images in the camera. And she LOVES mirrors… if she spots a mirror at her eye level, she’ll start posing and talking in many different facial expressions and voice tones. She loves carrying bags on her arm or hand, or a sling bag on her shoulder with the strap across her body, even when she’s at home. And she loves wearing shoes even in the house or in the car. Earliest indication of shoes and bags obsessions. So far no make-up yet :-)

Observation no. 4 – HQ, the romantic
Since young HQ was intrigued by wedding rings and marriage. After he started school at the age of 3, he begins to take notice of girls – who is cute, who is nice, who is fat. He acts like a little gentleman too.

There was one incident where HQ was playing with a group of friends… all about his age - active, boisterous, and rough. All physical and sweating. Like little boys should. Until this sweet little girl (with blue hair clips) joined the kids to play. All of a sudden, HQ forgot all his other friends. He went quiet, very observant, and letting go his turn on the slide for this particular little girl. Even to extend of doing little things to get her attention by flashing his smile, waving at her, looking at her way. I think his sudden changes were really cute; I was chuckling to myself all the while and managed to snap these :-D.

And I think the innocent interest between HQ and this sweet little girl is kinda mutual, don’t you think? :-D

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"mama, i tell you a story"

My daughter told me one morning. And she went:

"The lion chase the mouse. The mouse fall down and cry cry cry. And then… the mouse run again. And then… the mouse fall in the river. Swimming swimming. So… the mouse die. Got cat, got rabbit, got bird, and got tortoise also. And then… the mouse wake up. And run run run. And then pengsan."

~ 60% of the sentences in her stories starts with “And then…”. That shows that she knows sequence of what comes next.
~ Her stories usually involve animals. There is usually one main character, and in the story above, it’s the mouse. The rest of the casts are also usually animals, but are only mentioned very briefly.
~ In this story, the mouse happened to die before it pengsan (Malay: faint)... very tragic.
~ And obviously, her TaiYi, who’s teaching in Singapore, would be aghast with the grammatical errors and rojak language that she spoke.

Still, I like... :-)
This is a back-dated post; incident happened when QQ was 23 months old.

Hi Hi... ^^
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Monday, August 24, 2009

a memorable lunch

Backdated post; this one day trip was made on July 11.

Dad’s friends brought him to Broga to enjoy some barbequed fresh pond fishes earlier, and Dad wanted to bring us there to enjoy the food as well.

So we went.

First we stopped by a temple, where the gang took HQ to a Chinese temple. Heard that there are statues of 12 animals based on the Chinese zodiac and that it’s a nice place for kids to explore. Mum advised against bringing QQ to the temple because of the burning joss sticks (she’s alergic), so Mum, QQ and I shopped for durians and pulasan at the roadside fruit stalls.

These are some of the pictures that hubby snapped at the temple. If you notice, HQ was holding on to the animals mostly by the ears or horns… hahaha
When we finally left for the restaurant known for its ikan bakar, we were ravenous. That place was so packed that we had problems parking our cars and getting a table. We saw a group of bikers with large bikes parked at the side, many laud aunties who came in a tourist bus, and even ang mohs with Chinese girlfriends. Really that good meh?

The pond where our fishes came from… the view was so serene, so green, so peaceful... Service was slow as the fishes were barbequed over charcoal. And there were only two people preparing the fishes and manning the fire. Dad ordered black pepper fish, tomyam fish, plain bbq fish (for the kids), salt and pepper fish (everyone’s favourite) and barbequed ladies fingers in spicy dried prawn sauce.

Fat fishes which were going to be our lunch… yum yum! When food came, everyone was so hungry and attacked without prompting. I only remembered to take photos when the last fish arrived; the other fishes were already half eaten. Here are pictures of two fishes with still enough meat on their bones to be shown here. Barbequed tomyam fish and black pepper fish. The wait was well worth though. The fishes were very fresh, sweet, not too salty and did not seem to be added with MSG. There’s not a trace of mud smell like most pond fishes have. Delicious.

After paying our bill, we left the table quickly to make way for other patrons. AND THEN, WE NOTICED SOMETHING…

See this biker pulling up his zip, leaving that little hut? That little hut between the fish ponds where our lunch came from? We realized that that little hut is a TOILET!!! That biker just did his business in that said toilet! Why build the toilet between the 2 ponds when there’s ample space elsewhere? And to get there, one has to walk really far. We can’t think of any reason except that the ponds act as natural disposals for human dump.
Eewww… gross!

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on my lappie

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Friday, August 21, 2009

telling his stories in drawings

HQ: 4 years 3 months old at point of writing this post

HQ loves to doodle. He doodles on papers, mahjong paper and practically any piece of scrap paper that he lays his hands on. Since he loves doodling and colouring so much, we were wondering if we should start sending him to art classes. Hmm…

When he first started doodling, his doodles were of himself, family members, flowers, plants.
HQ's first self potrait, drawn on 9 September 2008 (3 years 3 months old)

Next, he drew animals, sea creatures, dinosaurs.Penguin Whale HQ drawing a stegosaurus. Tyrannosaurus.

Now, he’s more into mystical creatures like monsters, ghosts, giants.
"This is a sea monster." "A toad monster with flashing lights." (at the antenna)"A friendly giant" (smilling one some more)I noticed that his drawings are all done spontaneously with a few quick strokes. He draws freehand without any reference. HQ is also meticulous in adding details like fish scales, fingers, feathers, tongue, teeth. I find his drawings artistic to my taste, yet possess the child-like quality.

This piece of drawing was done as he was telling a story of a bird family: "There is a bird nest on a tree. On the bird nest got bird eggs." [He drew a tree and a bird nest with eggs in it]
"The papa bird go and find food. Birds eat worms. So, papa bird go and find worms."
"Then, one egg hatch already. The baby bird try to fly but fall from the tree!"
[He said these while he drew the small bird]
"Then the papa bird quickly come to save the baby bird. He fly under the baby bird and stop it from falling down." [As he said this he drew the big bird under the small bird, supposedly saving the small bird from keep falling down].

His wordings were something like that, not exactly la… as I did not get to record it. But the story line was similar to how he told us (grammer mistakes and all :-D).

© Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without express written permission.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

handling QQ, HQ's way

Humoring her
We were on our way home one night, and HQ is drifting off to sleep in the car. Before dozing off,

HQ : Good night, mama. Good night, little princess. *yawn*
QQ : No… I am not little princess.
HQ : Ok, good night, meimei.
QQ : Noooo… I am not meimei also. I ammm… strawberry! :-D
HQ : Hah?!? If you are strawberry, then I am chocolate!
HQ & QQ : Hahahaha

The rest of us were also roaring with laughter.

Reverse psychology
QQ was asking to watch Peter Pan one day, but Mum said “No” as the kids have already watched it once that day. QQ started being fussy, and this time, HQ stood up for Mum:

QQ : Popo, you so naughty, don’t let me watch Peter Pan. I throw you in the dustbin!
Popo: Hah? If you throw me in the dustbin, you will not have popo anymore.
Koko: Then gong gong have to find another woman to marry and she will become our step-popo! Meimei, you want step-popo or not?

Just like how he reprimanded QQ the other time when she was noisy and HQ wanted to sleep: “Meimei, if you want to sleep and I make noise, you want or not?!?!”

Show and Tell
I was bathing QQ one Sunday afternoon, when she stood up in her tub, pointed at her southern region and declared:
QQ : Koko got penis. I also got penis.

I explained to her that only boys and men have penis. Girls like meimei and mama do not have penis. My stubborn little girl insisted
QQ : Got wat… My penis so small… There!

HQ was walking into the dining room, and he overheard. He commented:
HQ : Meimei, next time when I grow up already, I'll bring my girlfriend home and lift up her skirt for you to see! See got penis or not!


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

compilation - giveaways

For your interest, this page compiles the giveaways hosted on BoeyJoey:

LuShae Jewelery Giveaway (closed)

scrunchies giveaway (closed)

yoyo hairpins giveaway (closed)

yoyo hairpins variations & a GIVEAWAY !!!

To add variety to the basic yoyo hairpin, you can use other notions to spruce them up.

Use more than one fabric.
Try a combination of buttons. Ribbons/ laces. Use fabric flowers in place of yoyo Or any other decorating bits and pieces that you have – pendants, a single ear stud, ribbon flowers, anything! Use your creativity! Search around! I’m sure you have many of these things lying around at home! So get creative and have a go at it! Now for the GIVEAWAY:
I am giving away all the 6 hairpins that you see above. All you have to do is leave a comment and let us know which one is your favourite yoyo hairpin.


One winner will be picked and announced thereafter.

Good luck! :-D
See my other handmade projects.

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