Thursday, August 6, 2009

and i wondered where i got those panda eyes from...

QQ’s birthday dress was a very last minute project. I started late because I couldn’t make up my mind on what to make for her to wear on her birthday. Should I make an outfit of flouncy blouse and Capri pants? A party dress? A twirly skirt with a fitted top? A pinafore perhaps?

We planned to celebrate her birthday a day earlier on 19 July 2009, which was a Sunday. On Tuesday night, I told myself I got to decide now or I’ll never finish in time. In the end, I chose a dress pattern with peter pan collars, three quarter sleeves and twirly skirt. Drafting the pattern is supposed to be the easiest; however, I had to redraft the back piece 3 times before I got it right! With that, I got the cue that I better only start sewing tomorrow night.

On Wednesday night, I started sewing. For the fabric, I choose a cooling Japanese cotton with rose motifs. Within 2.5 hours, I finished sewing the whole dress, minus the collar. Hey, that wasn’t too bad, I told myself. The next day, Thursday, I took the dress to a shop near my office to be seamed. That night I started to work on the collars. After finishing the pair of collars, I found that they were too small to fit the neckline. I redrafted again, being mindful to add extra allowance to the length. Second time, the collars were too long, by a whole 2 inches altogether! Oh bummer! I’m not going to start all over again! So I sewn a row of stitch on top of the collar and pull them to rumple it a bit. I thought of going for the rumpled collar look. I sewn it on, iron it a bit, and it turned out alright! Smooth as tofu! Perfect peter pan collars! Phew! Those collars alone took me more time than I spent on the whole dress… three whole hours! At least they look alright.

As I fell asleep with the kids deliciously early on Friday night, I woke up ridiculously early on Saturday morning at 4.30 am to add buttonholes, and 8 buttons to the back and the sleeves. Got the maid to wash and iron the dress, and it’s all ready for our baby princess to wear for her Sunday lunch! I’m so glad I made this dress, albeit the high blood pressure I had to endure. A simple lesson that I overlook everytime… start early! I have to say I enjoyed sewing this dress very much… it’s challenging (it’s my first time sewing collars) yet quite fun to work with.

This would be her second birthday dress. Here’s the first birthday dress that I sewn for QQ’s one year old birthday. I think I’ll sew one birthday dress for QQ every year! :-D

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mommy to chumsy said...'s such a pretty dress. QQ is so lucky :) i like her first dress and the matching hair clip :D

BoeyJoey said...

Thanks, Barb.

And I still haven't post up a how to for the hair clip like I promised *shy*. In the pipeline, in the pipeline :-P


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