Friday, August 7, 2009

at 24 months

QQ celebrated her birthday last month, and I have yet to update her 24-month development chart. Since I jotted HQ’s developments at that age, I would like to jot down QQ’s as well. This post is for documentation sake and will be a long one.

Describing QQ in a few words, I would say that she’s gutsy, intelligent, chatty, cheeky, sweet and strong-willed.

Height : 80+ cm
Weight : 13+ kg
- She very tall for her age, even taller than some small sized 4 year old kids. She wears up to size 6T for some tees, and size 23-24 shoes.
- Her favourite physical exercise is jumping and running at the moment.
- She announces when she needs to go to pee or poo; she pees on her own on the potty but needs our help in cleaning her up after her poo. Since 18 months old, if she needs to pee in the middle of her nap, she wakes up and cries. We will carry her to pee and back to the mattress to continue sleeping. We didn’t get her cue the first few times and she peed on the mattress. She still wears a disposable diaper at night and when we go out.
- She helps to wear her clothes and can wear pants and skirt on her own.
- Compared to HQ, HQ is more nimble at this age.

- She recites 1 to 10 in English, but misses a few numbers in between in Mandarin and Malay. When she attempts to recite 1 to 20 in English, she swallows 15, 16, and 17 :-).
- She speaks English mostly, with a rojak of Malay, Mandarin and Hakka mixed in.
- Her pronunciation is accurate for most words, except for the "r" sound, example: treasure is said as "pear-sure". But she can say "rabbit" alright... funny.
- She recognizes and says colours; I think her favourite colour is orange, but she often gets yellow wrong. So far, colours that she familiar with are black, blue, green, red, orange, and purple. Here’s a short clip:

- She picks up language mostly from our everyday conversation, being better in concepts (eg. dark, bright, behind, fast, slow, yesterday, and, heavy, light, morning) [HQ at this age knows more objects from books, especially animals].
- More advanced words that she says are dinosaur, pacifier, remember, mosquito, afterwards, dangerous, spectacles, accidently, etc.
- She recognizes and says shapes like circle, triangle, square, heart, oval, rectangle. She’s not very familiar with hexagon and diamond.

- She has been using "I, me, myself, you, your" correctly for the past two months now. However, she does calls herself "meimei" once in awhile. She also knows when to use "papa's, koko's, mama's" correctly, although her "mine" is said as "mine's" :-).
- She tells hilarious stories with no head and tail :-). More on that in later post.
- She is also able to re-tell things that she experiences and watches on tv:
QQ : Mama, whale eat people.
Mama : No... whale does not eat people. Only shark eats people.
QQ : Whale eat people la!
Then I remembered Pinocchio...
Mama : Ah... yes, the whale in Pinocchio ate people.
QQ : Whale eat man. Man cry. Then whale eat Pee-know-cheo.

- She eats two meals per day, and 4-6 times milk (6 oz) in 24 hours.
- She loves to eat on her own, and she scrapes the bowl very cleanly with her spoon. The only problem is she sometimes gets real pleasure in squishing the food with her fingers, and smearing her food all over herself.
- She loves food, and do seem like she never stops eating.
- She drinks from the cup pretty well.

Music and singing
- QQ loves singing; she can sing a number of songs in English, Malay and Mandarin. First song that she learnt: Happy family from Barney; her newest: Hear my drum. She follow tunes very well.
- She loves to dance too, and could be shaking her bum, shoulders and twirling around in places other than home… beh pai seh one…
- Mum teaches her poems, and QQ recites them, although she has a few words missing in between.
- She sings the ABC song and gets 10 out of 24 alphabets correct. Her version goes like this “A B C D E F G H W X Y Z; (Now I know my ABC), next time won’t you sing with me

- She now sings a proper version of Twinkle twinkle little stars. Here’s the version she sang when she was 21 months old.

Playing and getting along
- She gets along pretty well with her elder brother, HQ, although sometimes, they do have their moments.
- She loves playing with other kids, particularly her own brother, and her cousin from Singapore, GC.
- Plays sek sek sek pom pom pom with HQ; her usual weapon is the bird. And HQ is always very sneaky, he sees your weapon before showing his :-P.

- She loves playing pretend – pretending to be a doctor, pretending to cook and serve food, pretending to be a dinosaur, pretending that the shark is coming to eat her (she’ll be flapping her arms screaming for help), pretending she’s the mama of her doll, pretending to be a doctor, pretending to be an angry gong gong (LOL)
- Fits pieces of puzzle together by herself, sometimes with some help from us.

Temperament & personality
- She is sweet and loving, very funny and witty.
- She gets angry very qucikly, and will pout and frown and say to the person who makes her angry "I am angry with you". But she get over her anger pretty quickly.
- She loves laughing, squeling and generally a very happy child.
- She has quite a temper, especially when she’s tired or hungry
- Quite possessive with her toys and things that clearly belongs to her. For example when HQ rolls to her bed, she will be complaining “See mama, koko sleep on my bed!”;This is my doll, not your doll”; “No, I play first, you play afterwards!”; etc.
- Very curious (to extend of being nosy) in nature.
- Very observant, exceptionally quick in spotting us having something in our mouth (that shows how wai sek she is)
- She is pluckier compared to HQ when he was at this age (gets comfortable with firecrackers, Lion dance, loud motorcycle, thunder very quickly). HQ will think thoroughly ("If I fall down how?"; "If bad people catch me how?"; "Will the light spark me?", etc.) and is more cautious when doing something new or dangerous, whereas QQ will just go ahead and do it. Pros and cons…
- Exertive and expressive – “I want big big piece” when asking for bread, “I want to sit car now”, “I want to watch Snow White and Seven Dwarfs”, “I want to take bath now”, etc.
- Possess all the girly qualities; which I think is all inborn! (more on that in later post)

Two years just went by so quickly! I hope she doesn’t grow up so fast. Knowing that she may be the last baby I will have, I want to savior every detail! If I can, I want to keep her this way; forever my baby!

With HQ? I can’t wait to see him grow up and explore, experiment, and go save the world! Hahaha, I exaggerated on "saving th world" part. But really, I get excited and teary seeing my son doing new things, experiencing new environment, developing new skills, absorbing every details, churning out new thoughts/ concepts. I love his thoughts and reasonings! Maybe he’s my firstborn, so I feel such thrills for all his firsts.

QQ, on the other hand, will always remain my littlest one. :-)

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