Thursday, August 27, 2009

gender stereotypes

Observation no. 1 - Reactions towards creepy crawlies
When I arrived mum’s house from work one Saturday (I work half day on alternate Saturdays), the kids were staring at this huge wasp trapped between two panes of glass doors. Before hubby set the wasp free, the kids went near and had a good look at it.

The reactions of both kids were so different:
- HQ was inquisitive, going very near and pointing at the glass at various parts of the wasp, and asking many questions. Although he knew that the wasp’s sting is poisonous, he showed no sign of fear, maybe because he knew the wasp was trapped between the glass panes. - QQ, on the other hand, refused to ‘touch’ the wasp (protected by the glass) and was muttering “eee” while posing a kawaii look with both fists on her face. Although I can tell you the reason for the kawaii look is purely out of repulsiveness and not to act cute. HQ is all about catching dragonflies and spiders, swapping mosquitoes and flies, stomping on unsuspecting ants. QQ just refuses to touch them.

Observation no. 2 - Favourite toys & playing pretend
Needless to say, HQ’s favourite toys are, animal figurines, dinosaurs, superhero figurines, cars. He uses his building blocks to build guns, animal sty, and car garage. HQ pretends to be Power Ranger, Spiderman, kung fu fighter, Peter Pan, saber-tooth or tyrannosaurus. (QQ is in fact scared of her “tyrannosaurus-koko”). When HQ plans for outings, he pretends to go to the zoo, pet stores, swimming pool, playground, and occasionally supermarkets. Favourite movies at the moment are Peter Pan, Ben 10, and Ice Age (1 to 3). When he was younger, he loves the dinosaurs documentary series and Disney Cars. QQ loves playing with dolls, enjoys playing cooking and serving, loves princess pictures and books. When QQ plays pretend, she pretends to be a doctor, or the mama to her doll - feeding her and putting blankets (handkerchiefs) on her. She also loves to pretend that she’s off to the supermarket or market, bag/ basket on her arm, shopping for food which she will bring “home” to cook. Favourite movies are Snow White, Mulan, Pinocchio and also Peter Pan. I think these are all inborn. Although we have always told our kids to share their toys, the kids still automatically find their favourites, according to their genders.

Observation no. 3 - QQ, the little vainpot
QQ has a fetish for lotions; pumping and smearing the stuff all over her face, neck, arms, legs and anywhere exposed. She loves putting my rings and necklaces on herself. If she’s in a good mood, she loves to pose for the camera and later ask to see her own images in the camera. And she LOVES mirrors… if she spots a mirror at her eye level, she’ll start posing and talking in many different facial expressions and voice tones. She loves carrying bags on her arm or hand, or a sling bag on her shoulder with the strap across her body, even when she’s at home. And she loves wearing shoes even in the house or in the car. Earliest indication of shoes and bags obsessions. So far no make-up yet :-)

Observation no. 4 – HQ, the romantic
Since young HQ was intrigued by wedding rings and marriage. After he started school at the age of 3, he begins to take notice of girls – who is cute, who is nice, who is fat. He acts like a little gentleman too.

There was one incident where HQ was playing with a group of friends… all about his age - active, boisterous, and rough. All physical and sweating. Like little boys should. Until this sweet little girl (with blue hair clips) joined the kids to play. All of a sudden, HQ forgot all his other friends. He went quiet, very observant, and letting go his turn on the slide for this particular little girl. Even to extend of doing little things to get her attention by flashing his smile, waving at her, looking at her way. I think his sudden changes were really cute; I was chuckling to myself all the while and managed to snap these :-D.

And I think the innocent interest between HQ and this sweet little girl is kinda mutual, don’t you think? :-D

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mommy to chumsy said...

ahh...boys are always braver and tough eh? girls are, oh well, girls :D sugar and spice and everything nice..hahhahaha

wenn said...

kids love to have fun.

Big Pumpkin said...

Wah, your girl can really pose like a supermodel!


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