Monday, August 24, 2009

a memorable lunch

Backdated post; this one day trip was made on July 11.

Dad’s friends brought him to Broga to enjoy some barbequed fresh pond fishes earlier, and Dad wanted to bring us there to enjoy the food as well.

So we went.

First we stopped by a temple, where the gang took HQ to a Chinese temple. Heard that there are statues of 12 animals based on the Chinese zodiac and that it’s a nice place for kids to explore. Mum advised against bringing QQ to the temple because of the burning joss sticks (she’s alergic), so Mum, QQ and I shopped for durians and pulasan at the roadside fruit stalls.

These are some of the pictures that hubby snapped at the temple. If you notice, HQ was holding on to the animals mostly by the ears or horns… hahaha
When we finally left for the restaurant known for its ikan bakar, we were ravenous. That place was so packed that we had problems parking our cars and getting a table. We saw a group of bikers with large bikes parked at the side, many laud aunties who came in a tourist bus, and even ang mohs with Chinese girlfriends. Really that good meh?

The pond where our fishes came from… the view was so serene, so green, so peaceful... Service was slow as the fishes were barbequed over charcoal. And there were only two people preparing the fishes and manning the fire. Dad ordered black pepper fish, tomyam fish, plain bbq fish (for the kids), salt and pepper fish (everyone’s favourite) and barbequed ladies fingers in spicy dried prawn sauce.

Fat fishes which were going to be our lunch… yum yum! When food came, everyone was so hungry and attacked without prompting. I only remembered to take photos when the last fish arrived; the other fishes were already half eaten. Here are pictures of two fishes with still enough meat on their bones to be shown here. Barbequed tomyam fish and black pepper fish. The wait was well worth though. The fishes were very fresh, sweet, not too salty and did not seem to be added with MSG. There’s not a trace of mud smell like most pond fishes have. Delicious.

After paying our bill, we left the table quickly to make way for other patrons. AND THEN, WE NOTICED SOMETHING…

See this biker pulling up his zip, leaving that little hut? That little hut between the fish ponds where our lunch came from? We realized that that little hut is a TOILET!!! That biker just did his business in that said toilet! Why build the toilet between the 2 ponds when there’s ample space elsewhere? And to get there, one has to walk really far. We can’t think of any reason except that the ponds act as natural disposals for human dump.
Eewww… gross!

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HN said...

Eeewwww ... really gross!!! That's what the fishes are eating, haha :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Alamak..gross...hehehe. Most probably you all wont go back there for the food again huh.. :P

BTW, about the Kawai drops...not sure whether it's really good or not coz Gwen hasn't started consuming it yet. :)

2ma said...

initially i was tempted to ask you for the restaurant name/location. now, no need liao *hehe*

i have been to the temple once. its quite nice!

BoeyJoey said...

HN: No wonder they're so fat... additional protein... hahaha

Mummy Gwen: Yup, too bad.
I will buy the Kawai drops and let my kids try, since many of my friends recommended it.

2ma: QQ, mum & I didn't get to go... maybe next time, when QQ is older and stronger!

Big Pumpkin said...

Hahaha....I laughed out loud.

wenn said...

aiyo, water pollution lo..

coffeesncookies said...

OMG !!! then again, it's quite common to feed pond fish with decomposed chicken, carcasses etc.. that's what I've been told.

mommy to chumsy said...

ikan bakar is my fav..yummy!!! Thank God you have eaten before you saw the biker. Ewwwwww...gross!!! I 2nd time for all of you? hahahahhaa

BoeyJoey said...

coffeesncookies: REALLY???? I never knew!!!

There's a bakery near my mum's house and at the end of each day, they will pack the unsold bread to be sold cheaply to fish ponds' owners, to feed the fishes. Besides their main industrial fish feed, stale bread is what I thought pond fishes eat all along!

Decomposed chicken? Carcasses? EEEwwwww!!!

KittyCat said...'s good practice to feed the fish with natural wastes (as mentioned above) but human waste is still debatable!!!

Annie Q said...

Where is Broga??

LOL! The way how u draw the "shit" on the fish pond was so so funny!! No wonder the fish taste so "yummy" ya? :P

BoeyJoey said...

Broga is right after Seminyih... it's a very small town.

Heehee... I had fun drawing that "shit" :-P

A Mom's Diary said...

I like your shitty drawing...LOL. Maybe that's what made the fish so yummy and without the mud smell :-)


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