Friday, August 28, 2009

fabric craze

After meeting up some clients at Klang last Friday, it was already 5.15 pm... time to head for home. I was walking towards where my car was parked when I caught sight of a shop sign that often brings my heart to a quick bippity-bop... Kamdar! The fabric store!

I thought of the traffic jam awaiting me, and the practical side of me said I really must get going. I stood there and weighted my options for a moment (I must say, it was a VERY brief moment)... what the heck, it was raining cats and dogs anyway. So in I went.

I live for when I get the chance to step into a fabric store. It was sweet pickings for me. Rows and rows of solids, prints, cottons, linens, florals, geometrics, bold prints, subdue ones... it's pure heaven for my soul.

Having stacks and stacks of still untouched fabrics at home, with much constraints, I restricted myself to only 3 fabric this time. But when I saw some oriental prints going for 50% discounts, and a blue and white small floral print... oh, I can't pass those up! I ended up with 5 pieces of fabrics... which I do not know when I will actually use them... still, happy happy :-D

The Yoyo Hairpin GIVEAWAY will end tonight (Friday, 28-August-2009), at 12.00 midnight, UTC/GMT +8 time zone (Kuala Lumpur & Singapore).

To win, just leave a comment! Easy as that! Quick, before the giveaway ends!

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Annie Q said...

Nice fabrics you got!

Can't wait to see more "masterpiece" from you. :)

kenwooi said...

nice designs.. =)

wenn said...

do u hav your own dressmaker?

mommy to chumsy said...

lovely fabrics. so what are you going to make?

SJ said...

nice colours! captivating! i like the green one. nature. hehe. =)

BoeyJoey said...

wenn: I am the dressmake... a half-baked one, but learning to improve! ;-)

mommy to chumsy: I'm thinking of skirts, dress & tops!

Serene said...

Nice floral fabrics you got there. Nice taste!

A Moms Diary said...

The fabrics are so pretty. Hehe...wonder if you get this excited and "unrestrained" when you get into a shoes or bags shop LOL

little prince's mummy said...

Nice fabric


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