Thursday, August 20, 2009

handling QQ, HQ's way

Humoring her
We were on our way home one night, and HQ is drifting off to sleep in the car. Before dozing off,

HQ : Good night, mama. Good night, little princess. *yawn*
QQ : No… I am not little princess.
HQ : Ok, good night, meimei.
QQ : Noooo… I am not meimei also. I ammm… strawberry! :-D
HQ : Hah?!? If you are strawberry, then I am chocolate!
HQ & QQ : Hahahaha

The rest of us were also roaring with laughter.

Reverse psychology
QQ was asking to watch Peter Pan one day, but Mum said “No” as the kids have already watched it once that day. QQ started being fussy, and this time, HQ stood up for Mum:

QQ : Popo, you so naughty, don’t let me watch Peter Pan. I throw you in the dustbin!
Popo: Hah? If you throw me in the dustbin, you will not have popo anymore.
Koko: Then gong gong have to find another woman to marry and she will become our step-popo! Meimei, you want step-popo or not?

Just like how he reprimanded QQ the other time when she was noisy and HQ wanted to sleep: “Meimei, if you want to sleep and I make noise, you want or not?!?!”

Show and Tell
I was bathing QQ one Sunday afternoon, when she stood up in her tub, pointed at her southern region and declared:
QQ : Koko got penis. I also got penis.

I explained to her that only boys and men have penis. Girls like meimei and mama do not have penis. My stubborn little girl insisted
QQ : Got wat… My penis so small… There!

HQ was walking into the dining room, and he overheard. He commented:
HQ : Meimei, next time when I grow up already, I'll bring my girlfriend home and lift up her skirt for you to see! See got penis or not!


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Wonderful Life said...

Hahaha.... they're so adorable!!

BoeyJoey said...

Hi Wonderful Life, thanks for dropping by :-). Will hop on to your blog later!

Big Pumpkin said...

That is so weird! Tee said the same thing when she was younger.....that she had a little penis, a little willy hiddne inside, a very small one. *pengsan*


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