Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"mama, i tell you a story"

My daughter told me one morning. And she went:

"The lion chase the mouse. The mouse fall down and cry cry cry. And then… the mouse run again. And then… the mouse fall in the river. Swimming swimming. So… the mouse die. Got cat, got rabbit, got bird, and got tortoise also. And then… the mouse wake up. And run run run. And then pengsan."

~ 60% of the sentences in her stories starts with “And then…”. That shows that she knows sequence of what comes next.
~ Her stories usually involve animals. There is usually one main character, and in the story above, it’s the mouse. The rest of the casts are also usually animals, but are only mentioned very briefly.
~ In this story, the mouse happened to die before it pengsan (Malay: faint)... very tragic.
~ And obviously, her TaiYi, who’s teaching in Singapore, would be aghast with the grammatical errors and rojak language that she spoke.

Still, I like... :-)
This is a back-dated post; incident happened when QQ was 23 months old.

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2ma said...

so cute!!! next time, you record it and you can play it again & again :)

KittyCat said...

Her re-telling is so cute! And so Malaysian :-)

wenn said...

baby talk..very cute..


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