Tuesday, August 18, 2009

our backyard swimming pool

Last Sunday was bright and sunny, so hubby inflated the air pool for the kids to play. While we refer the activity as water play, HQ adamantly corrected us that they do not just play with the water, they “swim and splash”. I cooked a quick lunch of angel hair pasta with meat sauce while hubby watched over them.

After 40 minutes of “swimming and splashing”, the kids’ fingers and feet resembles chicken feet – those in yummy thai chicken feet salad – cold, pale, wrinkled and very disgusting. I prepared warm water for the kids’ proper baths after their “swim”, in the backyard itself.

First up, QQ. She was screaming and kicking when I forcefully carried her in after her bath, but was quickly pacified when Papa handed her a bottle of warm milk, a handful of honey stars and a treat of Peter Pan. HQ quickly took his bath and went in; being aware that Peter Pan was being played on tv.

The kids looked happy enough watching Peter Pan, but when QQ spotted me again, she gave me a pout and labeled me as “naughty mama”.

Ah… the joys of being a mama…

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