Friday, August 21, 2009

telling his stories in drawings

HQ: 4 years 3 months old at point of writing this post

HQ loves to doodle. He doodles on papers, mahjong paper and practically any piece of scrap paper that he lays his hands on. Since he loves doodling and colouring so much, we were wondering if we should start sending him to art classes. Hmm…

When he first started doodling, his doodles were of himself, family members, flowers, plants.
HQ's first self potrait, drawn on 9 September 2008 (3 years 3 months old)

Next, he drew animals, sea creatures, dinosaurs.Penguin Whale HQ drawing a stegosaurus. Tyrannosaurus.

Now, he’s more into mystical creatures like monsters, ghosts, giants.
"This is a sea monster." "A toad monster with flashing lights." (at the antenna)"A friendly giant" (smilling one some more)I noticed that his drawings are all done spontaneously with a few quick strokes. He draws freehand without any reference. HQ is also meticulous in adding details like fish scales, fingers, feathers, tongue, teeth. I find his drawings artistic to my taste, yet possess the child-like quality.

This piece of drawing was done as he was telling a story of a bird family: "There is a bird nest on a tree. On the bird nest got bird eggs." [He drew a tree and a bird nest with eggs in it]
"The papa bird go and find food. Birds eat worms. So, papa bird go and find worms."
"Then, one egg hatch already. The baby bird try to fly but fall from the tree!"
[He said these while he drew the small bird]
"Then the papa bird quickly come to save the baby bird. He fly under the baby bird and stop it from falling down." [As he said this he drew the big bird under the small bird, supposedly saving the small bird from keep falling down].

His wordings were something like that, not exactly la… as I did not get to record it. But the story line was similar to how he told us (grammer mistakes and all :-D).

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mommy to chumsy said...

wow, he can really draw. Very nice :D Good imagination.

Blessed mum said...

bravo! a budding artist! and I'm sure he will be a good writer too next time!

2ma said...

good job HQ! shan leo loves drawing as much!


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