Wednesday, August 5, 2009

then and now

HQ was talking about what he wants to be when he grows up, and while writing it down the other day, it reminded me of my own…

When my siblings and I were younger, we had a cupboard in our room to house our books. It became our little “library”. From nursery rhymes to many Enid Blyton’s series, old Shakespeare classics to Tintin and Archie comics, Nancy Drew series to Agatha Christie’s mysteries, countless multi-lingual dictionaries, and of course, a big stack of National Geographic and Readers Digest. We were the ready receptors of old books that our generous elder cousins threw out. Of course, my dad had his old Shakespeare and Charles Dickens classics to add to the mix. And as my mum worked in an all Catholic school, she got first hand selections of old library books that the librarian threw out now and then.

Among the myriad books that we have, it was the stack of dog-eared Reader’s Digest and National Geographic that became my favourite. I loved leafing through them, drooled over the glossy pictures, and most of all, the true stories penned down in those journals amazed me to no ends. Every article is different. Every encounter is so exciting. Everything is new. There are new things to see and new things to do, new people to meet, new places to go. I knew then I wanted to be one of those writers; I wanted to be a journalist. A person who travels, who interviews, who observes, who analyse, who writes! I wanted to be the one who pens down these new experiences.

Many years down the road, people changed, circumstances changed, dreams changed their course. I did not end up being a journalist like how I dreamt I would. Those were the castles that I built, on puffy clouds that I stared at while I stand day-dreaming at the verandah of my home.

Today, I revisited those dreams.

It’s funny how my strongest passions now, are formed based on what I experienced at such a young age, more than 20 years ago.

And it’s interesting that, although I did not end up holding a pen the way I dreamed of, I am now holding a pen, now and then, writing what I wanted, and enjoying it too.

What were your dreams when you were younger?

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