Wednesday, August 12, 2009

these days...

HQ (4y 2m old) wonders
Why durians have thorns?
Why rambutan has hair when it is so soft that the squirrel is still able to eat it?
Why is the moon always changing its shape?
Why is the moon always following me?
How is the animal shaped biscuit being made?
How is the seaweed in packets being made?
Why lizards’ tails drop off?
If Ankylosaurus has such strong armor, why is it still eating only plants?

If Ankylosaurus has such strong armor, how did the tyrannosaurus eat it?
Why dogs can smell and hear so well?
How does the fish sleep without eyelids?
Mama, why you so clever?

Hahaha hoohoohoo heeheehee… me clever? If only you knew, son, if only you knew…

And QQ (2y 2w old) wonders
Why the bus is soooo big?
Why Peter Pan can fly, why?
Why the crocodile want to eat Captain Hook, why?
Why Captain Hook always so angry, why?
Why papa always got meeting, why?
Why I cannot drink milk now, why?

The last question is asked not less than 3 times each day. *faint*

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The Never Fairy said...

Peter Pan can fly because he still retained the knowledge of having been a bird before being sent to become human. Once he asked if he could still fly when he landed back in Kensington Gardens, he lost the ability by questioning it. Then, the fairies restored it to him.

The crocodile wants to eat Captain Hook because it liked the taste of him so much, it desires more. (Pan threw Hook's hand to the crocodile when he cut it off.)

Captain Hook is angry because a little boy (Pan) always seems to get the best of/taunt him and he's not very fond of children. In the Neverland he's surrounded by them. He's also bent on revenge for cutting off his hand.

And for a new Peter Pan adventure based on Barrie's idea for more... click my name.


BoeyJoey said...

I knew why the crocodile yearns to eat Captain Hook so much, and I knew why Captain Hook is perpetually fuming.

But I never thought the reason to Peter Pan being able to fly is because he was "reincarnated" from a bird! I always thought he can fly because he has faith, trust and fairy dust!

Interesting info there, The Never Fairy :-)

The Never Fairry said...

Yup :) It's a short little book called Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Much like the tale of the stork bringing babies, apparently birds are sent off to become human children... and Peter "forgot" when he had heard his mother and father talking about what he was to become when he grew up...

goolypop said...

HQ!Auntie kiki knows how t rex ate anklyosaurus!Ankie's weakest body part is the belly. So during fights, if its flipped, it will surely die cos thats where mr.t will chomp!

HEheehhe.. Gooly is a mega huge fan of dinos too. Thats why i know. ;-) There was once we read a book which said, "when the dinosaurs vanished.." he corrected it by saying, "Mama, dinosaurs didn't vanish.. there are still fossils." :D

BoeyJoey said...

goolypop: Gooly's correct! So smart :-D


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