Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The kids singed and played “row row row your boat”, which HQ pushed QQ around in their imaginary boat. The patch on QQ’s forehead? Well, that’s the eye patch, according to HQ. “All pirates must have one”. But QQ found it mighty uncomfortable, so it was repurposed to be a hairband instead. And when that little pirate took a swing from the bottle drink from her cup, she wet her shirt and the boat. “The boat sink already!” HQ announced.

As HQ just refused to push and tug the sunken boat, QQ hauled the turtle float out, sat on it, and sang the same song to herself while rocking to and fro. I guess that song just got stuck in her head for that moment. (Umm… if you may, please ignore the torn sleeve, ok? Yes, I let my children wear old torn clothes at home *sheepish*) After awhile, she put the float upside down on her head (I don't know what she's pretending to be; maybe it’s just for fun :-)) HQ, on the other hand, dug out his pencil case and drew some really “scary” monsters. He gave them to me, saying “These monsters are the most scary, strongest and most fierce”, and that “They will protect you from other bad monsters”. I thanked him gratefully and promised to always have them “bodyguards” by my side.
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Zara's Mama said...

very scarry monsters indeed!

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh..what a fun day. i love to listen to children singing :D

KittyCat said...

Your kids play well with each other! I can't wait for my boy to meet his sibling later...hope they'll have fun together too :)

BoeyJoey said...

Zara's Mama: Indeed, indeed :-)

mommy to chumsy: Me too, although QQ's singing can be a little off-tune sometimes... but, I still like :-D

KittyCat: Yes, it's a great joy watching them play together. I'm sure your kids will get along pretty well too :-)

Alice Law said...

Woo... remind me of my early childhood, my brother used to push me around in a paper box that loaded with junk food!


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