Wednesday, September 2, 2009

being cheeky

Overall, I am thankful that my kids get along pretty well with each other… they play together alright; big brother HQ teaches, protects and humor his meimei; and its really heart warming to see them hugging, kissing and being sweet to each other.

However, not everyday is a bed of roses. Kids are kids… they do fight, snatch toys and quarrel.

Even from a very young age, we are able to see that QQ is the one who is more mercurial in her temperament, more hot tempered and more impatient. When HQ was at the same age as QQ now (2 years old), he was a little cheeky butt too who entertained us with his cheeky responses, but he is generally a very sweet and easy going child… very cheeky, but not naughty.

Here are some snippets on QQ's antics:

On eating : 1
Gong gong : What are you eating?
QQ : Sweet potato
Gong gong : Can I have some?
QQ : No… Popo cook for me to eat, not for you to eat… I can eat only!

On eating : 2
Gong gong : Ni chi sen me? (Mandarin: What are you eating?)
QQ : I eat porridge
Gong gong : Wo chi zou (Mandarin : I eat porridge)
QQ : No… I eat porridge!
Gong Gong : Wo chi zou and I eat porridge is the same. Say wo chi zou
QQ : You wait here ah, I go ask popo first!
We are trying to encourage her to speak more Mandarin. This time, she wanted to confirm with popo to see if her gong gong told her correctly. *slap forehead*

On eating : 3
Gong gong : Meimei, don’t eat with your hand. Use your spoon.
QQ : No… not hand la! I eat with my fingers!
Gong gong :

On singing
QQ : Popo, you don’t sing. I teach you sing. You listen to me! *use both hands to cover popo’s mouth*

Being possessive : 1
QQ : Koko, you don’t snatch my toys. I will call policeman catch you.
HQ : Meimei, if policeman catch me, you cannot see koko anymore!
QQ : You cannot see papa and mama also! *humming and shaking her body in glee*
HQ: o.O”

Being possessive : 2
When HQ play with her toys, QQ will run over to “protect” her toys:
QQ : This is my toy. Not your toy. Remember!?!?

Being possessive : 3
On Sunday nights (on week-nights, HQ usually falls asleep in the car), the kids love cuddling with me on my bed before falling asleep. QQ will be on my left and HQ on my right. After they fall asleep, I will transport them to their respective beds. One night, after quarrelling with HQ, QQ demanded:
QQ : Koko, I sleep with mama only. You go away.
HQ : No, I want to sleep with mama!
QQ : Why?!?! (Wah… demanding for a reason some more…)
HQ : Because I love mama!
QQ : No, I can love mama only. You cannot love my mama!
With that, she got a good sounding from me, and was asked to sleep on her own bed by herself. She started complaining while faking a cry, in which HQ commented “Meimei crying crocodile tears one!” Yup… true enough…

Getting things that she wants
QQ saw a torchlight lying on the table one night, and asked hubby:
QQ : Papa, I see your torchlight.
She climbed on the chair, knelt and looked at the object very closely. She then proceeded to ask:
QQ : Papa, I touch?
She looked at her papa, and when hubby nodded his head, she touched the torchlight lightly and giggled. Her next question:
QQ : Papa, I hold only?
She held the torchlight in her hands.
She then got down from the chair, climb on the bed, ran across to her bed (adjacent to ours), and clutched the torchlight to her chest while announcing gaily:
QQ : My one! :-D
And she refused to hand it back to hubby.


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wenn said...

kids are really fun to be with..enjoy them as they grow up..

MeRy said...

Smart n cute girl.

2ma said...

so cute!! i enjoy reading it all :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

QQ able to speak very well at her age. Sarah is younger than her about 2 mths, but she still trying to talk but not more than 3 words.

BoeyJoey said...

Sarah's Daddy & Mommy: I think it must be the influence of her chatter-box brother, HQ :-). When they're talking together, my ear-drums are often begging for some rest!

When Sarah is talking more, she'll talk non-stop... the time will come :-)


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