Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i love handmade

Here's a compilation of things that are sewn or made with my own two hands :-). These are now worn by my guinea pigs, HQ and QQ... more for QQ actually as BoeyJoey is currently not looking too good on boys :-).

Click on the links or images to take you to the blog entries.
QQ's 3rd birthday outfit

QQ's CNY dress 2010

See I love to refashion clothes
See Compilation: how to

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wenn said...

great handicraft!

Pet said...

This is a great compilation of your handicraft... so much easier to go to each link and check out your wonderful work!

For my smocking pleat q, I send to shop as I don't have the machine... the dress I also let the tailor sew for me. I only do the smocking and embrodiery.

BoeyJoey said...

wenn: Thanks!

Pet: :-). Oh I see, thanks for the info!


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