Wednesday, September 23, 2009

mashed durian mixed with carrot juice, anyone?

I have two very determined and hard-headed kids. They have their own mindsets on what to do, when to do them, and exactly how they want things to be done.

Often I squirm in trepidation when my 4 year old serves us peculiar food concoctions like pieces of sweet potatoes swimming in chicken herbal soup… which I gulp down because I do not have the heart to say “No”. And yeah, mashed durian mixed in carrot juice, anyone?

HQ sits by himself pilling all 58 pieces of blocks on each other to build a super tall tower, and gets frustrated when it topples constantly. After which, he suggested glue and sticky tape (oh, the mess!)

He squirts glue and red water colour paint on paper, sandwich them with many layers of papers to make strawberry pancakes (or yellow for mango pancakes, green for vege pancakes, etc.)

He begs us to tie his hands and legs with a piece of ribbon/ raffia string, and he will wriggle free David Copperfield style (repeats this 12 more times).

He cuts a string of beads from my bracelet so that his paper folded mama-bird and papa-bird has eggs for their nest made of red pieces of paper and toothpicks glued together.

He coaxes us on having our room in TOTAL darkness, minus one torch light, to stage a shadow show of his hands mimicking birds, rabbits, snakes and a monster that ate them all.

Although messy sometimes, I realise that my kids will grow up and all these will soon pass. Right now, we usually abide to his wishes and sit back to enjoy the shows. He in turn, never fails to impress me with his creativity, his dedication to try again and again, and his determination.

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smallkucing said...

LOL. I'll pass on the durian with carrot juice

little prince's mummy said...

Durian with carrot juice??!!! This is creative.. haha~

wenn said...

very artistic..

SJ said...

i wanna give it a go!

From me to you, suejean =)

BoeyJoey said...

smallkucing: Hey, thanks for dropping by :-). Will hop on to yours later!

Annie Q said...

so did u gulp down that cup of mashed durian with carrot juice??? Eeeeeee......


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