Thursday, September 10, 2009

my 4 year old thinks he owns my hair

When he first saw me after my haircut, he could not accept that my once wavy waist length hair is now straight shoulder length. These words were hurled at me:

"Mama, why you cut your hair? Now you look like a chicken!!!"

Hah??? Really that bad meh???

"You don't look like mama anymore. I don't want to call you mama; I will call you jie jie now!!!"

Adoi... like that also can? He was clearly VERY upset and buried his head on hubby's shoulder, sulking. When he had to look my way, he covered his eyes with a hankerchief. I went over to coax him and explained that my old hair was getting very heavy and hot, so I got to chop them off; it'll grow back, don't worry. His response?

"Mama, you so naughty. Why you didn't ask me first before you cut your hair?"

Then he started to soften, and pleaded:

"Next time when you want to cut your hair, please ask me first, ok? Promise?"

Alamak... see, he thinks he owns my hair. You know what I'm looking forward to? The day when he grows up and the girlfriend comes complaining to me about him not letting her cut her hair... hahaha, now THAT would be interesting!

I went to have my unruly hair fixed on Tuesday night. After spending 3 painful hours at the salon, I noticed I was having chills, sneezes and a slight sorethroat. The next morning, the flu was a full-blown one and my throat was really sore; I must have caught a bug at the salon :-(. Doctor's orders was to monitor the flu and look out for any rise in temperature for the next 48 hours (in case it's H1N1... choi choi choi!!!). So, here I am, wearing a mask (even to bed!), just to be safe.

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2ma said...

ur boy is obsessed with your hair!!! *haha* shan leo is also the same. all the ladies in his life must have long straight hair only. we are not allowed to cut/perm it!!! *hehe*

Pet said...

Oh, I planning to perm my hair soon, I need to check with my daughter? LOL..

mommy to chumsy said...

hahhhaha....your little boy is so protective eh? His comment about you looking like a chicken made me laugh :D

Hey, you take care eh? Rest more and drink more fluids.

wenn said...

ya, take more rest..

reanaclaire said...

hey, yr boy boy paid u a compliment..he said now u r like jeh jeh..meaning u r very young leh... good boy!

Mummy Gwen said...

Hahaha...that's a cute one. Call Mummy jie jie some more..very funny lah. More protective than your Hubby huh..hehe.

BTW, I hope you get well soon. Take care ya.

Dora said...

Your boy is cute and hope u r get well soon!
Drop-by here and love to read ur blog. Cheers...

BoeyJoey said...

2ma: Shan Leo also like that? No wonder your hair is long and straight... hahaha

Pet: Haha... good luck to you :-)

mommy to chumsy: Of all animals, why have to choose chicken? I would feel better if he said I look like a rabbit or anything equally cute :-(. As expected, it's just a normal flu bug, no fever so far :-). Thanks.

wenn: Ok, will do :-)

reanaclaire: Maybe look like a tai tou ha... hahaha

Mummy Gwen: Yalo... my hubby went @@. Normal flu bug only, no fever so far. Getting better now; thanks!

Dora: Hi, thanks for dropping by :-). Will hop on to your blog soon!

A Mom's Diary said...

Hey that's a compliment la jie jie. I wished people will call me jie jie again instead of auntie :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

HQ is very cute though...How I wish my girl would tell me that I looked like a Jie Jie:-)


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