Friday, September 18, 2009

poor doll

When QQ celebrated her first Christmas with us in year 2007, she was 5 months old. I was looking for a doll as one of her Christmas presents, and when I saw this doll, I fell in love with it right away. I love the message written on the dress :-). We kept the doll away as we thought she was not old enough to appreciate it. When QQ reached 2 years old in May this year, we gave it to her again. She loves it!

What happened was HQ told QQ that her doll needed a nose, so he took a marker pen and gave it a dot for her nose. QQ was very happy with her brother’s help. I told HQ nicely that the nose was most fitting but please do not draw anything on the doll anymore.

When I came home to mum’s house one evening, QQ came running to me, shouting excitedly “See my doll, mama! Koko draw for me!”

!!! What are all those dots for?!?! HQ quickly explained “One dot for the nose not correct, mama. We have two holes (nostrils) on our nose, so I add another hole la!”

When I asked him about the black dot at the doll’s eye, he answered me “That’s a mole! Everyone got mole on the face wat!”

If I buy a Hello Kitty for QQ one day, I can expect it to have a drawn mouth soon enough. No prize for guessing who will draw it on. © Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without express written permission.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

its really a cute cute doll :)

MeRy said...

Nice doll.

the little prince said...

1st time drop by!!

Kor Kor so cute sayang mei mei!! :-)

Dora said...

Hahaha...HQ is so creative in his imagination but poor QQ has to play her fav doll with the unknown dots...Happy Holiday!

SJ said...

lol. like the nose part!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

A Mom's Diary said...

Haha...HQ is right. We have two nostrils :-)

Blessed mum said...

good imagination there, HQ!

mommy to chumsy said... funny. i like the dolly too.

Annie Q said...

hahahahhahah..this is so cute and funny!!
I like the doll too!


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