Wednesday, September 16, 2009

rain nudle house

Hubby and I were at Pavilion one evening for dinner. Every dining place was packed with Muslims with plates and plates of still untouched food, waiting for the time to buka puasa. We walked pass Rain Nudle House and it was not packed at all. We were hungry and didn’t want to wait long, so we went in. These were what we ordered:

Meang kam – this is my absolute favourite Thai appetizer. To assemble it, you place a dollop of sauce, toasted coconut, toasted peanuts, pieces of galangal, onions, limes, toasted dried prawns, and cili padi on a piece of leaf (I first thought it’s sirih leaf/ beetlenut leaf, but as pointed out by a-moms-diary, it's daun kaduk) , wrap it up, pop in your mouth, and chew slowly to savor the taste. When hubby and I were visiting in Bangkok, hubby introduced it to me and I was sold. We went back to the stall and pack many bags back to the hotel room to snack. This one that we had in Rain Nudle House paled in comparison. The sauce is a very important ingredient in this appetizer and the one we had in Rain Nudle House just didn’t taste right.

Clear soup tomyam noodle
Too salty, too sour and not spicy enough. I'm sorry, but I would honestly rather have a pack of Thai imported tomyam instant noodles. Enough said.
Thai pineapple fried rice.
Nothing pineapple-ish, nothing thai-ish. I could have cooked better than that (perasan habis... hee hee).
So far we have only visited Thai Nudle House twice, and both times we were disappointed. To add insult to the meal, we were drinking gallons of water, even hours after the meal. Unless we hear a review that they have improved, this would be the last time we set foot there.

I’m now missing yummy Thai food at Chakri Palace... :-(

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SJ said...

nice pineapple dish.. hehe.. can the pineapple flesh be eaten? =)

wenn said...

but it looks presentable..

Wonderful Life said... i missed tomyam & spicy food in Bangkok! Super duper spicy!!

A Mom's Diary said...

The food was that bad eh? OK, no need to go try liao :-) Btw the leaves used in mieng kam is called daun kaduk.

coffeesncookies said...

not Thai at all, I don't like Rain Nudle either.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The leaf can be eaten raw? I shall try it next time.


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