Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sports day, fun day

This is a backdated post, event was on 16 August 2009, Sunday.

Many weeks before HQ’s pre-kindy sports day, we heard a LOT about it from HQ… how he was given the responsibility to hold the Orange house flag, how they practiced and he was told to walk not run, how he cheered “Jia you!!”; he literally drove our eardrums sore ;-). Our little boy was sooo excited for the real day to come.

The day came and we arrived a good 20 minutes LATE :-(. The kids were already assembled and singing the national anthem and school song. Our little boy was deeply disappointed as he missed the chance to carry his house flag! :-( :-( :-(

He fussed and refused to sit with the rest under the shade. Luckily Teacher Apple (cute name, eh?) came and consoled him. He was still a little upset, but stopped fussing and waited for his team to compete.

Little girls ran out to the field and entertained us with a little pom-pom dance.

Then the events started. There were 3 teams altogether – Red, Orange and Yellow. All events were team events. Each team comprised of 4 kids taking turns to complete the race.

The first event was designed for the 3 year olds. Each contestant is to hold a spoon with a ping pong ball, walk to the cone, walk around the cone and go back to the starting point. The spoon and ball was then passed to the next child. The fastest team wins. Next event is also for the same 3 year old kids – put a bean bag on the head and walk. Same thing – go, loop, back, pass, fastest team wins. You get the drift.

See this little girl on the left? She walks like a princess with dainty steps, and she became the crowd’s favourite :-) Ok. Third event was for the 4 year old kids. HQ’s turn! Here’s the team walking out to take their place. This event involved the use of hula-hoops. One was supposed to put a foot into the hoop, swing the hoop backwards and bring it to the front again. Repeat. Same thing – go, loop, back, pass, fastest team wins.

HQ was the first team member to race for his team, he's in the middle lane. His opponent on the left had a good start. Hurry up, HQ! On the second half of the race where he’s going back, he managed to catch up! That brought a good start for the team. It was a close race but HQ team won! :-DHQ was in the fourth event as well. This time, the kids were supposed to drag the ball using the hula-hoops. Again – go, loop, back, pass, fastest team wins. This time, HQ’s team (that's HQ in the middle lane!) was leading so front… so not surprisingly, they won! Good job! :-D Next event was for the 5 year olds. This is a very fun event… if given the chance I would like to have a go at it, of course with no one looking :-D.

Bouncing! Doesn’t that look fun? Whee!!!Look at how high she bounced! And her hair! LOLCome on now… Cheering her on...You know what? As the last team is trying to complete the race, the crowd went wild. All of us parents do not know her name, but we were all cheering her unanimously and clapping rhythmically. Jia you jia you jia you! When she finally finished, she had the biggest grin on her face :-D. Ok now, next event was also for the 5 year olds. Jumping with a ball in between their knees. Oppsss… Rancangan tergendala for awhile… The last event for the 6 year olds - run to the cone, first team member arrange the base of a pyramid, followed by other team members taking turns to build the pyramids to their peaks. Last team members throw balls to bring down the pyramids, like bowling! Next were games for parents, but I'm NOT going to cover. Hee hee

Lastly, the result was announced! As all the events were team events, all children were rewarded based on their teams. The result : 2nd runner up won by Yellow team; 1st runner up by Orange team, and the champion team was Red team!!!

HQ got a silver medal for his Orange team. Team picture for the Orange team. Yay!!! What fun we all had! For the contestants and spectators! Well done, teachers; the event was organized beautifully! :-D

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little prince's mummy said...

Wow! fun indeed!

Pet said...

Hmmm... such fun! I remembered myself running in the field... long long time ago. When my daughter's school going to have sports day, need to check with the principal. :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh..the kids had so much FUN. Really nice pics..hehe. COngrats to HQ for his sliver medal!

reanaclaire said...

wah.. i like the bouncing ball.. your girl can bounced so high.. haha.. cute..

Blessed mum said...

oh no! he must really be very disappointed not able to hold the house flag after all the practice.

the school is so good, even have medals for them! cool!

wenn said...

wow..really fun time for both parents and their children..

BoeyJoey said...

little prince's mummy: :-)

Pet: I think should be around this time, as my friends kids' also just had their sports days :-).

Mummy Gwen: Thanks; hubby was the photographer. I was too busy cheering and embarassing myself :-S

reanaclaire: Me too! Looks so fun, isn't it? By the way, that's not my girl bouncing the ball; she's one of the students. My girl is just 2 and not schooling yet ;-).

Blessed mum: Yes, he was indeed very disappointed :-(. One medal for each child, depending on how the team perform :-).

wenn: Yup, we all had fun.

ablogaway said...

Wow, nice review on your kid's sports day. I didn't know they have sports day for such young age kids :)

coffeesncookies said...

the bouncing balls looks so fun. I remember bouncing on it at my kindy. they should make some hardy ones for adults, so we can hv fun too :P

BoeyJoey said...

ablogaway: Hihi, thanks for droppingby; will hop on to your blog later :-).

coffeesncookies: You've tried them when you're a kid? How nice... This is the first time I've seen these balls; wonder where I can get some...

KittyCat said...

The bouncing ball really looks fun!!! LOL I like the 'rancangan tergendala' part...


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