Thursday, October 29, 2009

a father's sentiment

My husband shared this with me yesterday night, and I wish to note it down for him, to be shared with you :-)

Today was a particularly long day with meetings, discussions, decisions to be made. I was so drained at the end of the day and was just hoping to get home fast, have my dinner, shower and call it a day. When I finally left my office, it was raining cats and dogs, and lo and behold, a massive jam awaited me. Tired and hungry, I was cursing under my breath.

Just then, the street lamp was shining onto my car windscreen, and I saw something magical. Amidst sprinkles of raindrops, it was a beautiful sight. It brought an instant smile and immediately melted the weight I felt on my shoulders. Imagine a furious thunderstorm ended with rays of sunshine bursting through cottony clouds, a beautiful rainbow and chirping birds. I felt everything was right in the world.

Guess what did I see?

A pair of cute hand prints belonging to my sweet little girl

*Picture from Pitch Invasion

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

home helper from hell, and i'm not kidding...

This is a rant post, so be ready for some long-winded grandmother stories ahead.

The reason I’m sharing this is to let others know that no matter how good your home helper is, please do not trust them 100%, not even 80%. Even if they seemed good in your eyes, you will not know what they are thinking. I'm not trying to stereotype or being unfair, but really, seeing and hearing so much horror stories, and experiencing them myself, better be safe than sorry.

We sent our home helper back to her home country on 12th September 2009, FOR GOOD.

It was heartache for me. Not when she’s gone, but while she’s here for the past 15 months.

I think when it comes to engaging home helpers it all boils down to luck. We were not lucky in our both attempts.

We sent our first helper back to the agent due to laziness; she put on 6 kgs in the 5 months she was with us. Need I say more?

When our second helper first came,
we were very happy with her. She’s bubbly, efficient and the kids loved playing with her. She called my kids “sayang” and “anakku”. My mum even suggested to offer her longer working term when her 2 years contract is completed (of course we did not let her know about this!). The only thing that was not so good about her was she made her own decisions (which often clashed with ours) and failed to inform/ ask permission before doing anything. But we thought nobody is perfect, and that as time goes by, she’ll learn to do things our way.

6 months passed,
and we started a bank account for her.

This was when she started to show her true colours. She started taking household things and used it as her own in her room, without permission. When things went missing, almost always I found them in her room. (For example, instead of using the toilet roll we gave her, she took a box of soft tissue to use on her royal butt; instead of washing her floor mat, she rotated her soiled one with the clean one in the kitchen, etc.)

We were already allowing her to call home with our house phone, but she started making phone calls without asking our permission, to other places than her home – 28 phone calls on 4 Sundays (when we’re out). When I confronted her with our bills, she said that's because she didn't have a mobile phone. Did I give her? No. I thought it will be fair if you ask for the things that you want, but not take that as a reason for your wrong-doing. I told her to continue using our house phone, but with permission.

She started to challenge my mum and demanded explanations. She started to defy our instructions on purpose, multiple times. When she did something wrong, she began finger-pointing. She began saying that the breakfast we bought for her tasted so horrible that she wanted to vomit (we ate the SAME bought breakfast without any problems). And more and more obviously, the kids stopped having anything to do with her (at hindsight, this should be a BIG warning sign to us).

We had one-to-one talks with her and pointed out things that she is NOT supposed to do. We always told her that we are staying together, working together, eating together; please be nice. I made it clear that she was here to help, not to create problems. When she started acting up again, I contacted the agent, who asked us to send her to their place for some “teaching”. We didn’t agree to that, so the agent came and lectured her in our house instead.

Of course she gave us the black face, but we saw improvement in her.

After we renewed her working visa for another year,
she was back to her old self, in fact to one that was even more hideous.

She started quarrelling with my mum, and having fights with my kids. I was furious and confronted her; of course she never admitted. Can you believe that many times when she was at fault, she would be the first person to tell-tale about my mum and HQ to me? I couldn’t believe what I’m hearing and seeing. I didn’t expect that a person can change from good to bad, to good, to bad again so easily. Everyday was stressful for mum and me; I could write a book on all the things that she had said and done…

Oh, I still can tolerate all the above. Overall, she still did her job well. But when she started laying her hands on my kids, that I cannot tolerate. I was urgently searching for a replacement then (of course without her knowledge).

One day,
my mum hid a baby hairclip (the smallest size of hairclips) on top of the refrigerator and told the helper not to bring it down for my daughter of 2 years old, fearing that she may swallow it. The next thing, my mum saw my little girl playing with the same hairclip, which she said kakak gave it to her.

On the same day, my son of 4 years old reported to mum (and me later in the evening) that kakak told him the following:

“Kalau koko telan diamond, bila balik rumah poo poo, koko akan dapat diamond.”
Malay: “If you swallow a diamond, and later go home and poo, you will get that piece of diamond.”

Oh my god!!! What was she thinking??? Can you put the two together? First, she took a small object and gave it to my 2 year old even after mum told her not to fearing QQ may swallow it. Next, she taught my son to swallow diamonds? And yes, we do have some thumb size sparkling fake diamonds that HQ plays with. Luckily my son said she “bohong” and told us; but what if she tricked my 2 year old into doing it? What if the object get stuck at the throat? I really dare not imagine…

That did it. I called the agent that night, and the helper was fetched away the very next day. On the way out, she even reinforced that she didn’t want to leave and made quite a show in front of my house.

You know what? I think she is mental. I hope we’ll never cross paths again. And I’m so glad she is gone before anything drastic happens. Come to think of it, I think she had the capacity for that.

I cannot comprehend this.
She eats the same food as us (more than even hubby, hands down!). She slept upstairs in her own single bedroom next to ours, with her own toilet and every basic need met at our expense. She called home at least once a month, sometimes twice or more. We arranged for money to be sent back to her mother. She had her share of birthday presents and cakes, Christmas presents, outings (when she wants to come along), same restaurant food when we dine out, angpows, etc.

Her job scope is only taking care of the house cleanliness and laundry. We cook ourselves, we look after and bathe the kids, and she never had to wake up in the middle of the night to make milk for the kids. Playing with the kids? Almost always they ended up fighting, so she never had to look after the kids anymore. She slept from 9/ 10pm to 6 am, even longer hours than any of us adults. We never raised our voice at her; although we did warn her strictly not to quarrel with my mum and hit my kids – we just wanted a peaceful household.

As what the agent told her, “kerja awak senang, majikan baik, nak apa lagi?” (Malay: “your work is easy, good employer, what else do you want?”). We were baffled as well; what else do you want?

My mum has declined to get another helper. Without one, our lives are less complicated, less stressful, less worries. Eventhough our days are busier with cleaning, ironing and washing, we are coping alright and happier too. What I regret are we can’t spend as much time with our kids nowadays and I could not do much to lighten my mum’s workload :-(.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

of watercolour, cookie monster & talking rubbish

For the past few days, it has been raining cats and dogs when we drive home at night from mum’s house. QQ was sweet to say:

QQ: Papa, raining ah… Drive slowly ah… Drive carefully ah…

She repeated this again after a few minutes, even after papa thanked her for her advice. She can be really long-winded at times :-)

The other night, when we were driving home, QQ started to brief us on what she wanted to do when she reaches home that night:

QQ: Go home, go downstairs (she meant upstairs), papa (switch) on cookie monster for me and koko, mama go take bath, then… mama play with us, papa go take bath, mama make milk for us, I go to sleep.

She sounded like an old lady :-D

One morning, we were at a T junction behind a black 4 wheel drive, waiting for our turn to take the turn. QQ commented:

QQ: Naughty black car… block our car. I take watercolour… red colour, black colour and white colour, I use my brush and colour the black car. Hmmpph!

She thought she could use her watercolour and paint the black car, seemed to me as as a way of punishment for blocking us… LOL
One night, while on the way back home, with limited toys at hand, HQ wanted to play pretend:

HQ: You be the mama dolphin, I be the papa dolphin, and Meimei be the baby dolphin. OK?
Mama & QQ : OK
HQ: When we are swimming, suddenly the sea go on fire. Papa dolphin and mama dolphin die, left the baby dolphin only.


Mama: Ha??? How can the sea go on fire?
HQ: Can! When the bomb explode, then there’s fire!

I think he remembered what was shown on Finding Nemo, where the mine exploded during the sharks’ scene. And I thought, "Yep, that makes sense". But QQ thought otherwise:

QQ: NO, koko!!! Don’t talk rubbish!!!


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Sunday, October 25, 2009

KL Bird Park

Backdated post: the outing was made during the Raya Holidays, September 22nd.

When I read about KL Bird Park at this mummy and this mummy’s blogs, I suggested to hubby on a trip and he was very supportive of the idea.

Located at the Lake Gardens, KL Bird Park is the largest free flight aviary in the world. Hubby and I went there many years ago when we were dating, but we never brought the kids before. The kids were of course very happy and excited! Mum and Dad came with us too.

At the entrance, the kids saw some binoculars and wanted them. They also pestered for plastic hats with solar fans and cool looking sunglasses attached on the caps. Haiz… anything also they want… All garbed with binocular and cool caps for adventure! (as if!)
We only allow them to wear the sunglasses (not UV ray protected) for taking photos. And QQ had most fun in moving from shaded to non-shaded areas (to and fro) to test the solar fans! Here they are testing their binoculars. Among the many birds that we saw, these are the ones we found unusual; I don’t know what their names are. There's a booth where visitors can take photo with the birds. HQ pestered us to have his picture taken with the birds. But he specifically told the attendant that he only wanted the colourful parrots, and “Don’t put them on my head!” He saw the birds pooing splats of digested papaya on the floor at the photo booth itself, and he explained he didn’t want those on his head! This picture below is from our camera. HQ feeding the lories… that feeding place was so stuffy and congested with people, we didn’t get to attract many lories :-(
Poor QQ did not get to take photos with the birds and feed the lories (she’s allergic to animal fur/ feathers). She was outside with mum and kept asking to go in the lories feeding station. So mum told her:
Popo : No no… we can’t go in yet. We have to wait for the uncle to bring the key to open the door.
QQ : That uncle ah? *pointed at a man*
Popo : No…
This went on for a few uncles that she pointed.
When QQ saw a man heading towards the door, she quickly ran after him so that she can go in as well. Mum had a hard time chasing and catching her :-S.

We saw some monkeys too, which again, HQ wanted to catch one home. I don’t know what’s with him and monkeys… And we were just in time to catch a bird show at the Amphitheatre! The kids got entertained by the smart tricks performed by the parrots and eagle: The kids enjoyed the show very much! :-D When the bird show was over, we continued our tour. My little girl had to take the opportunity to do this to the birds:

If you are wondering what she’s doing, she’s actually trying to scare the birds away. She has the tendency to do this whenever she sees small animals, including cats, dogs, lizards, insects, monkeys… and now, birds. *roll eyeballs*

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

peter pan fever

My kids are obsessed with Peter Pan and its sequel, Neverland.

Although HQ knows (in his own words) that “People can’t fly”, “There’s no fairies and pixies in this world”, “Peter Pan is a fairy tale”, etc., that does not stop him to venture into his world of imagination – his version of Neverland, Peter Pan and The Lost Boys.

He weaves his versions of Peter Pan; stories of kidnaps, treasure hunts, cannons, pirates, Red Indians, and mermaids. He designates roles to everyone… he himself is of course Peter Pan the hero, QQ is Tinkerbell and papa is Captain Hook.

In our room at night, HQ prepares the props... HQ’s bed is made into Peter Pan’s hideout, our Queen size bed becomes Captain Hook's pirate ship. Rolls of mahjong paper (my drafting paper for sewing) are used as swords, colourful little foam pieces piled into a bamboo basket as treasures, bolsters as cannons, pillows as cannon balls, and face towels twirled on their heads as pirate hats.

As they prance, jump and roll around on the beds (adjacent to each other), swish swashing their swords, it was noisy, very messy and so merry! The CHAOS! What fun they had!

On top of their voices, these words are exchanged between them (some are picked up from the movies):
Give up, boy!
No, never!
Walk the plank!
Let’s go treasure hunting!
My pear-sure! All mine! (QQ pronounces treasure as pear-sure :-D)
Aim the cannons to the left… now FIRE!
With faith, trust and pixie dust, I can fly!

And the not so good ones:
You scoundrel!
You codfish!
You toad!
You mangy dogs!

Oh dear... @@

And all this while, what is mama doing?

In her designated role as the crocodile or the octopus… mama is to move stealthily around the foot of the bed, waiting for Captain Hook to fall overboard and devour him.

Haiz… mama’s character is so not cool :-(

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

our dinners last week

this sexy mummy has pointed out that hubby and i eat out a lot at bukit bintang area. yes, she's right :-). on workdays; we will be starving after work and have to eat before we head for mum’s house, to fetch our kiddos home.

here are our dinners of last week:

venue – food republic, pavilion
hubby – takeaway from subway – beef sandwich, potato chips and coke
mine – scallop porridge, fried cruller, and warm soy bean milk (picture shows all already half eaten)
snack – fried lotus paste sesame ball and mixed bun to munch. the fried crullers and its varieties sold here are at rm 1.40 a piece, but so fresh and crispy. i never buy these from anywhere else anymore.
venue - food republic, pavilion
hubby – deepfried fish fillet, mashed potatoes & salad
mine – rice, braised chicken with black fungus, blanched vege & duck and salted vege soup.
takeaway – from jco. my kiddos love them and call them “mini bombs”.
hubby was attending his company meetings, so i ate at mum’s place (no picture).

venue - food republic, pavilion
menu – little taiwan salted basil chicken set for 2. And fried keow teow to share.
(can you see that we are in republic foodcourt VERY often? seriously, they should give us member cards.)
venue – dragon i
menu – stirfried handmade thick noodles with pepper beef, thin handmade noodles in szechuan soup, spicy deepfried “popcorn” chicken pieces, chilled hasima and red dates sweet soup, and a takeaway of piggy buns for the kids.
saturday lunch (half day work)
venue – sk steamboat, serdang
menu – 2 sets of steamboat set (shown here is 1 set) in tom yam and clear soups. So… with the MSG we are ingesting nearly every day, how not to lose hair???

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Monday, October 19, 2009

i'm wishing for something sparkly for my coming birthday...

that looks like this…. *drool*

When it comes to jewelry, my approach is less is more. I admire how some people can look so trendy with loads of jewelry on them, but this look just doesn’t work for me. Therefore all my pieces are carefully chosen, and I love every piece that I own. You can say that I’m rather picky over my jewelry.

So when I chance upon LuShae Jewelry, and I saw this pendant, I was drooling like a teething baby. Oh, I couldn’t wait for my birthday! *hint hint to hubby* ;-)

As I was choosing my birthday present admiring their jewelry, I discovered that LuShae is having this awesome giveaway where they are giving away $200 US cash every month. Open to everyone worldwide. Just hop on to their giveaway page and put one of their cool buttons on your sidebar. Wow… I could use $200 US cash about right now… to get my be-early birthday present … or even milk powder for my kiddos.

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HQ's ambition; a sequel

The other day, Mum was asking HQ (4y 5m old) what he wants to be when he grows up, and of course HQ answered a policeman.

Like any grandparent, Mum has big hopes for her grandchildren. She was hoping that HQ will consider being a doctor, dentist, lawyer or somewhere along those lines. She tried to change his mind *slap forehead*

Popo : HQ, what do you want to be when you grow up?
HQ : A policeman. I want to protect good people and put bad people into jail.
Popo : Ahhh… but a policeman’s job is very dangerous.
HQ : It’s ok, policeman has gun. I will use my gun to shoot bad people.
Popo : What about being a doctor? You can save people too…
HQ : No la… doctor jab children one…
Popo : A dentist?
HQ : Don’t want. Dentist pluck people teeth one…
Popo : *give up*
HQ : Ahhh… I want to be a boss! Like mama and papa boss! Can scold people!* And can give money to people to buy food and many things! :-D
Popo : *brightened up* Ahh yes! Being a boss is good. Then when you grow up, you will be a CEO!
HQ : CEO is boss ah?
Popo : CEO is the biggest boss in the office.
HQ : Ah ah… ok, I want to be a CEO then :-D.

* We always tell him if we are late for work, our bosses will scold us. And that we have to work so that we can earn money from our bosses.

So for now, HQ’s ambition is to be a CEO.

And he has been telling this to mum (his popo):

HQ : Popo, next time when you grow old, I will grow big already. You no need to look after me then. I will be a CEO and give you money to buy food, buy clothes, and buy anything you want.


I was amused to hear the above from mum… if HQ is a CEO in the future, I hope he will be a "ROARing" CEO... But he has to be reminded not to do this… No "monkeying around", okay?

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Friday, October 16, 2009

mid autumn festival

Mid Autumn Festival/ Mooncake Festival/ Lantern Festival fell nicely on a Saturday (3 October 2009). We had a simple celebration at dad and mum’s house.

As usual, mum invited dad’s elder sister to join us for the dinner. We call her “Gu gu” and my kids call her “Gu Po”. Born during the Japanese occupation, she is a very small sized lady; she is only twice as heavy as HQ o.O”

And of course, after not meeting my kiddos for many months, Gu Po had to do a “weight test”. Look, she had to “jengkit” (tipped) her feet to gather enough strength to carry QQ. When it was HQ’s turn, she laughed and waved her palms, indicating she’ll pass. Luckily she started off by carrying QQ first, and not HQ :-S Mum's prepared dinner was yummy with traditional dishes of steamed kampung chicken; Hakka braised fried pork belly with black fungus; sweet sauce and strifried turnips with dried squid wrapped in crisp lettuce leaves; braised pork belly and Chinese turnips (nga gu); stirfried mixed vege with prawns and lotus root soup.

After which, the kids went out to play with their lanterns. HQ had a dragon lantern, and QQ had an orange paper lantern. While the kids took turns to take their baths, hubby lighted some candles on cactus trunks (chopped down earlier) and the kids had fun barbequing WEEDS.I don’t know what’s with kids and fire. As soon as they have the chance to play with fire, their lanterns were left forgotten. They also didn’t mind the mozzie bites and the heat. When we tried to bribe the kids to come in by giving them mooncakes, Yakult and many other goodies, they rejected our offer… they rather stay sweaty and smelly, barbequing weeds.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 months

Today marks BoeyJoey’s 6 months existence in the blog world.

6 months into blogging and I love it so far :-).

I am still feeling my way in this world of blogging, so if you have any suggestions, do feel free to drop me a line at the comment section or at ;-). Do also take a vote at the poll on your right hand navigation bar to let me know what you think, ya :-).

To all my friends and blogger friends (whom I made through my blogging journey), a very big and sincere thank you to all of you! :-D :-D :-D

Happy blogging and/ or reading! :-D

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in STROLLER Contest

I got to know about this contest from 2ma, and I really love the prizes :-)

The contest is organized by Mom Bloggers Planet and the prizes are sponsored by PhotoBook Malaysia and The contest runs from 1st October 2009 to 15th October 2009, so hop on to their contest page before it’s too late!

About our stroller
When we were expecting our first child (HQ), like any excited parent, we began buying baby things way before our child was born. Baby nappies, baby crib, cute little baby clothes, baby stroller, baby car seat, baby high chair, baby this, baby that… the list went on and on.

When our second child (QQ) came along, we replaced some of HQ’s hand-me-downs, but we reuse most of our baby things as they are still in very good condition.

That includes our baby stroller.

Our baby stroller is kept clean and fresh with antiseptic wipes and sunned frequently. It is important for us to keep our baby stroller clean as our kids spend a lot of their time on it. We deemed baby stroller is a very important baby equipment for parents who like to go gallivanting like us :-D. Therefore ours is a light weight one, can be folded compactly and has a strap to sling over the shoulder.

Child's name: Qi Qing
Date of birth: 20 July 2007

Baby stroller is useful:

when we go for meals… QQ is kept entertained with toys.when we visit the pediatrician; elder brother HQ could lend a helping hand too…
in providing a nice height for taking photo with HQ; while at it, why not make some Popeye faces ;-) as QQ watches while HQ plays at Ikea for staying in one place while taking photo with mama
for groceries shopping and hoarding yummy treats; “Mine, all mine!” and of course, when she is taking a peaceful slumber… "See my messy hair after my nap?” ;-)
My opinion about using stroller for babies:

Choosing your stroller

Before purchasing a stroller, get to know as much as possible about the strollers in the market – their features, their price range, and their limitations. After understanding the varieties, weigh the choices against your requirements, which can be broken down to the followings:

~ Function – will this stroller be used as your primary day to day stroller or when you are travelling? A stroller for travelling has to be light and can be folded compactly.
~ Age of your baby – a stroller meant for a newborn must be able to recline flat.
~ Safety – safety should be at your top priority. Make sure that it has been tested for stability and has 3 – 5 harnesses.
~ Weight – if you are taking the public transport, choose a stroller that is light, easy to fold and easy to carry.
~ The fold mechanism – there are many types of folding mechanisms. Before buying, make sure you try them out in the store and is comfortable folding and unfolding it.
~ Shock absorber – Will you be using the stroller at jogging tracks? Depending on where you will be using it, choose over four wheelers/ three wheelers or thin wheels/ thick wheels.
~ Additional features – consider the additional features such as cup holder, storage basket under the seat, rain hood, sun shade, etc.
~ Twins/ double seat stroller – if you have twins or 2 kids with a small age gap, consider side-by-side or front-and-back double seated stroller.
~ Price – depending on the brand and features, a stroller’s price ranges between RM 100 – RM 4,000. Choose one that meets your requirements and you can comfortably afford.

It is advisable to test drive a variety of strollers in different stores before purchasing one.

Using your stroller
~ Safety – always strap your child properly with the harnesses. At all times, keep your stroller (child on it) in sight. Always check the workability of the wheels, including its stop tabs on the wheels. Either keep at least one hand on the handle or activate the stop tabs at the back wheels. If an elder child is helping to push the stroller, make sure you are there to keep watch and offer help immediately when necessary.
~ Convenience – keep your stroller in your car for when you need to use it unexpectedly.
~ Adding your own accessories - a variety of toys will keep the little one entertained throughout the ride. Do have a soft blanket and a battery operated baby fan in hand to prepare for unexpected temperature change.

Maintaining your stroller
Wipe the surface with antiseptic wipes and sun it under the hot sun. Do not keep your stroller in stuffy places (in the car boot) for a long period of time. Bring it out to air occasionally.

Hope the above helps!

And thank you to Mom Bloggers Planet, PhotoBook Malaysia and for the contest!

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pak loh chiu chow

Hi hi... I have a poll running at the navigation bar on your right... tell me what you think, ok? Thanks! :-)

When Starhill Feast Village was first launched, besides a few other restaurants in Feast Village, I used to patron Pak Loh Chiu Chow quite often with clients and partners. It serves authentic Chiu Chow food; the traditional dishes are Chui Chow oyster porridge and fishballs. It has been awhile since I step foot here.

The other night after work, hubby and I were longing for some light, soupy and mild food. Pak Loh Chiu Chow's menu fitted out tastebuds that night so well.

As usual, the welcome tea. Some preserved sweet and sour vege as appetizer. Chiu Chow fishballs and noodles. Chiu Chow signature fish porridge (I prefer fish over oyster porridge)Deepfried whitebait The meal was simple but satisfying :-).

Pak Loh has some other nice dishes as well... stirfried snake beans (some kind of crinkly-skinned long beans), their renowned Chui Chow Soon Hock fish, stirfried frog legs, shanghai pancakes, "Buddha jumping over the wall soup", etc.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

essentials for my little man

I don't know if it's just me, but as my little man grows, I find that it's getting more difficult to find good comfortable quality play pants from the stores.

Play pants are pants that are worn at home for play (that's what HQ does most of the day time). They must be comfortable. And convenient. No troublesome zip to catch his underwear, no button to fumble when he makes a quick dash to the loo. Easy for little fingers to pull up and to take off.

And yes, pockets too are very important for play pants. Pockets are used to keep dinosaur figurines, Power Rangers, colour pencils & erasers, smooth stones, hankies, food (!!!), and many other little trinkets.

As his play pants outgrew, I decided that if I can't buy them from the stores, I had better make some. So I spent 3 nights (one night for each pair) making these Bermuda pants:

1st pair - pants with different shades of brown geometry prints; front and back:

I love how the pockets stood out against a different shade 2nd pair - a simple green true gingham pair. HQ said this is the most comfortable pair; possibly due to its very light, cooling and soft fabric. Front and back: It has a really big pocket. 3rd pair - Ikea's green hippo print. HQ loves this pair; front and back: 2 pockets behind. And an extra 2-inch length at the hem to let down (right now secured by buttons) as HQ grows taller! This ensures longer wear! See, I really made my effort pays :-D Verdict - the generous cut makes the pants very comfortable. And HQ loves all those pockets! He's now asking for even more mama's handmade play pants :-D.

See my other handmade projects.

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